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Zanna / 28 / Brunettes


Eager, fresh, and nicely shaped, Zanna is one of those girls who is constantly being mistaken for a movie star known for her same youthful good looks. She enjoys reading in her spare time. She also prides herself on her customer service and on always treating her customers with politeness and a positive attitude.

One of Zanna’s favorite books is William Gibson’s “Neuromancer.” “It’s the book that put the cyberpunk genre on the map,” she says, doing her best to keep it light while she discusses one of her favorites. “I love reading in general, but I’m a sucker for anything that involves cyberpunk. I like movies that incorporate that in their fiction, too. That bleeding edge of technology and humanity, where we learn just how uncomfortable that changes in technology can make humanity at large.” Zanna is, naturally, a regular at the local library, despite the fact that her literary bent is not popular with everyone.

“Some men are intimidated by a smart woman who reads a lot,” she says. “But plenty more men are turned on by a sexy lady who can also talk about something a little more interesting than sports scores and what the weather is doing. I used to be a real fixture at the library. There were days that I would go there, pick a subject at random that I found interesting, and just spend all day there, learning new things, seeing what I could integrate into one batch of notes.”

Zanna admits that she is always looking to learn new things because she understands that there is a life after escorting. “I’m young right now,” she says, running her hands along her legs and to her chest. “I mean, look at me. Now is the time for me to party. But there won’t always be time for that. I’m going to get older one day, and when I do, I will need something to fall back on. Reading gives me that thing. It makes me a skilled, intelligent person, and I think that makes me more valuable as a human being, too.”

Zanna makes a point of always having an upbeat and positive attitude. She tries very hard never to give in to negative influences. “I can’t imagine how famous people do it,” she says, “knowing that you’re only ever one Google search away from a whole bunch of negative statements, criticism, even insults. I’m as guilty as the next person of occasionally making fun of a celebrity on social media. Our famous people are so much more accessible now, thanks to things like Facebook and Twitter, that it’s hard not to just lash out at them sometimes. But think about it, how would you possibly stay positive if you knew that at any time you did a google search for your name, you could instantly find a forum or blog post or something where people were mercilessly trashing you? I think that happened to the guy who draws the famous Dilbert comic strip. If I remember correctly, he got caught making up fake accounts to defend himself from critics. Like, here’s this famous guy who lives off his cartooning ability and has multiple books in print. You would think he would have better things to do, right? But he defended himself online because any of us would. Well, that’s how I feel about criticism and defending against it. That’s why I try to be positive all the time. I believe that we’re all just human beings and that the temptation to do dumb things can be present in a lot of life, but generally ignored.
Zanna admits that one of the things she likes most about her job is the opportunity to play dress up. “I love being able to put on different types of lingerie,” she says. “And I really enjoy the ways that lingerie makes me feel sexy and feminine. The fun part of playing dress up when you change in and out of different outfits, though, is that you can try on different personalities, different outlooks, when you do it. We all crave variety. When you dress up in different types of sexy, fun lingerie, you get that variety.”

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