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Valeria / 28 / Brunettes


Sultry Valeria is the sort of girl who can blow your mind, give you a back rub to make you forget that she rocks your world, and then rock your world all over again, as your mind reels with amazement at how awesome a companion she can be for you. Valeria loves to read and actually prefers electronic books for their convenience. She is also an avid golfer and likes to watch women’s golf tournaments that occasionally turn up on television. With a style that is unique among the women on staff here at Wet Bunny Babes, Valeria easily gets a man’s attention when she struts into a room. She is absolutely put together and spends a lot of time keeping up her appearance. While that may mean she is “high maintenance,” we think you’ll find she is absolutely worth it.

“I love to read romance novels and romantic books,” Valeria says. “And I have to admit that I really enjoy a good trashy sex scene. Not to come off all oversexed myself, but when a writer does a good job of describing two or more people making love, I can sit back with my e-reader and just feel the warmth grow through my belly. I love to read a good dirty scene like that. And I love books that focus on what two people can do together. Romance and sex and all the great stuff that comes in between, those are the types of books that I read.”
Valeria switched to the e-reader as much because she likes science fiction as because she likes the convenience. “In every future movie,” she says, “we’ve pretty much done away with paper. We don’t need paper now, anymore. There are tablets and phones and other touchscreen devices everywhere. There’s no need to kill trees and bind them up and produce these huge piles of books that will just get stacked up and in the way. Not now, anyway. When you read electronic books, you don’t have to carry all that junk around you, just the reader and your connection. And what I like best is that you never have to worry about dog-eared pages, missing pages, or damage to the book. The file is as crisp and bright the first time as the fiftieth time you read it.”
Valeria’s great shape is due, she says, to her golfing hobby. “Golfing is probably one of the rarer hobbies among my fellow staff members at Wet Bunny Babes, but it’s a great workout,” she says. “Golfing helps work your core strength and also tones up your arms and your legs. There’s the actual swinging you do with the club, yes, but if you don’t use a cart and you carry your own clubs, you get a tremendous workout just walking the course while carrying your golf clubs. What I like about golf is the fact that it’s a mental game.”
Valeria explains that she followed the Tiger Woods scandal with interest. “There were so many gorgeous ladies involved,” she says. “It was hard not to be interested. But it’s true what they say. Golf is a game of concentration. It’s a game of focus. When Tiger Woods’ world fell apart, so did his golf game, almost overnight. Just like that, he couldn’t hit the ball nearly as well as he once did. I remember being curious about that at first, until I stopped and thought about all the stress he was going through in the wake of his porn-fiend sex-scandal divorce business. It was no wonder his golf game was wrecked. Well, when I play golf, I pay attention to the mental game. I am less motivated by my score or about whether I get my golf ball back than I am with whether I can simply concentrate strongly enough to hit consistently. When I golf and I do so consistently, it tells me my mind is working well and I am not wasting my time if I happen to be seeing someone. Whereas, like Tiger, if I were in a relationship that was costing me my piece of mind and was stopping me from golfing well, I would know what that meant.”

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