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Valentina / 28 / Blonde


Valentina is an experienced and smoking hot blond with perfect curves and a fetish for dressing up like sexy schoolgirls. She enjoys dancing, giving massages, and doing yoga and other sports. She is a very athletic girl who keeps her body in great shape by constantly working out, and she maintains her innocent look and fresh-faced appearance by making sure she stays as relaxed and casual as she can at all times. While it’s no secret to the men that she dates that she is not, in fact, an innocent eighteen-year-old, the fact that she can still pass for a woman several years younger than she is is a source of pride to this incredibly sexy and fun-loving lady, who is happiest when she’s in a tied off white button-down and a plaid miniskirt. Her schoolgirl crushes are fairly numerous, and many men have fallen under her spell when she was clad in one of her sexy costumes. Perhaps Valentina’s most carefully guarded secret is that she is a truly wild child. Well, maybe it isn’t that well guarded a secret at all, especially once you scroll through her photo gallery here.

“I think most of the men I meet aren’t really prepared for the reality of what it is to be a wild child, a truly wild girl, who has embraced a wild party lifestyle of endlessly hanging out and going out,” she says. “When I’m living large, I’m doing it all the time, right there on the edge. I love being unpredictable. I love to be spontaneous. Any man I’m out with, any man who’s along for the ride, well he’s got to ask himself if he can keep up. Every minute of every day that we’re spending time together, he should be wondering, ‘Where is this headed? How is this going to end?’ Because I want him to be curious. I want to be a mystery to him. It’s incredibly erotic, incredibly sensual and sexy, to have someone with you who keeps you right at the edge with anticipation. I don’t mean afraid. I mean just very much alive and awake. I want to take you to the edge of what’s scary, amaze you with how things are going to get nuts, and then dial it down just enough so that we can keep partying. That’s how I try to be very day when I get up in the morning. I love the thrill that embraces my body when I think of the endless potential before me every day that it’s time to party again.”

Valentina is pursuing a degree in Beauty, which is a lot of work. She worries sometimes that perhaps the profession doesn’t get enough respect. “People don’t think that beautifying others is legitimate work,” she says, sounding slightly offended. “I don’t know why. We used to call what I do being a beautician, and people were at least willing to acknowledge that this was work. I think when people think of the beauty and fashion cultures, they picture just a bunch of fey creatures running around a runway somewhere. And the fashion world is the worst part of that. All those people wearing outfits that nobody would ever buy or wear in the real world, people associated with privilege and wealth. People who are working in that industry are perceived not to be working very hard, so the beauty industry in general doesn’t get a lot of respect. I think that’s pretty sad. I think it’s unfortunate.”

Given her affection for dressing up in schoolgirl outfits, Valentina also prides herself on being able to “clean up” whenever a date wants to take her somewhere a little more formal or serious. “I’m an expert at dressing up,” she says. “Whether that’s dressing up in costume, or dressing up in something classy, you can call me an expert no matter what. Put me in a skirt and suit jacket if you like. Put me in an evening dress. Give me a role to play. Whether it’s at home in the bedroom or in a high-powered restaurant, I’m ready to do my part. I’m ready to play my role. You should come and get me, baby.”

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