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Tallulah / 28 / Blonde


Now presenting Las Vegas escort wet bunny babe Tallulah. She is an elegant beauty that hails from Europe. With beauty reminiscent of the golden age of the silver screen movie star, with a touch of sex kitten aura, wet bunny babe Tallulah is simply irresistible. Las Vegas escort Tallulah has the elegant, chic style of a president’s wife. The stunning looks of a super star fashion model with poise to spare.

Tallulah prefers quiet, small, intimate gatherings and provides a lovely, ideal companion for an intimate dinner for two. She enjoys being close, and expensive wines, candy and perfumes. Her favorite pastimes are working out, entertaining, pole dancing and expensive evenings. She is worth every penny. Wet bunny babe Tallulah is into the movie star scene. Her classic beauty always creates a buzz on the scene. She can take you on backstage passes and into the VIP section of invitation only after hours. Tallulah can take you places you’ve never been before, places you’ve only seen in movies and on TV. Tallulah is the perfect complement to any high powered executive. Simply ravishing with her radiant charm, a jewel to behold on your arm.

Wet bunny babe Tallulah’s aim is to add a personal touch to the evening with gourmet home cooked meals, that she prepares for you herself. And also be prepared to soak up the night life that only Las Vegas, NV has to offer.

Tallulah’s hobbies include working-out and playing tennis. She keeps in shape with an organic vegetarian diet, coupled with strenuous workouts to stay healthy and fit. Tennis builds the strong muscles of her shapely legs, which is shown in her graceful glide when she walks and moves. Tallulah is no stranger to shopping either so have your credit cards ready when you come to Las Vegas, NV. Be prepared to spend some money because Las Vegas, NV is a drag without plenty of money to spend. Tallulah has a triple a society rating. So you can take her anywhere, and she can take you anywhere. You can go any place and do anything you want with Tallulah because she is popular and well received everywhere you go. It’s fascinating to live out the Las Vegas high roller life!

With her bewitching movie star looks, she is used to the public staring at her trying to figure out who she is. Tallulah is highly skilled at posing for the camera also, and she loves posing for stills and video. Her movie star good looks come across beautifully on camera and on film. They come across even better in person. Get your credit card ready and talk to a live representative right now.

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