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Sylvie / 28 / Blonde


Sylvie’s hourglass figure and fun-loving sense of adventure make her the perfect choice for a man who wants to see the town, or stay home for a quiet night, with someone who is going to be into him above all else. She has a charming, disarming smile and a pair of eyes in which it’s only too easy to lose yourself. As she brushes a lock of hair from her face and leans in close, letting you smell the scent of her perfume, Sylvie is at once the perfect girl next door and also a slightly exotic, slightly erotic woman unlike most you’ll encounter. She is, most of all, a happy lady who has fun no matter where she is, and is practiced in the fine art of making small talk in situations ranging from formal to casual. When she’s not engaged in her trade as a beautiful and professional escort, she is indulging her interests in vintage pin-up art. She actually has an extensive collection of prints.

“I love the way we used to present the female body,” she says, “when we left a few more things to the imagination. I’m not saying I would like to go back to those days, which were often kind of repressed. I love that we can be as open about sex and sexuality as we are today. I wouldn’t want to reverse any of that. But at the same time, back when things were a little more reserved, a woman’s body was presented much more playfully and artistically in erotic art and adult entertainment. I love the burlesque of those days. I love the pin-up art era. That’s why I collect the prints. I look at those women, most of whom are dead now, and I think about what it must have been like for them, being flirty and sexy and fun in a different era. I’m especially fond of nose art from the World War II era. That combines the best of that burlesque art outlook with the drive and the indomitable spirit of the allies. It’s hard not to admire that, when something as awesome as patriotism and fighting spirit can be combined with sexy and titillating artwork.”

Sylvie is good in any social setting, and is capable of easily making the switch from being formal to casual and back again. “I love to dress up for formal parties,” she explains. “There’s a real art to getting dolled up like that. But it’s also good just to kick back and be casual, and leave all the formality behind. Considering the things I really like to do, the ones I do on my own time when I’m just looking to have fun, they’re the things that are most casual. Taking the time to sit down on the couch with a good book and a cup of coffee, or going out to the movies with a friend, or maybe watching one of my favorite shows in some binge marathon online… That’s what I like. It’s more fun, to me, to get Chinese takeout with a friend and sit up until all hours of the night talking than it is to go to a formal black-tie restaurant. Not that I don’t enjoy going to expensive restaurants like that, because I do. But being casual trumps everything.”

Sylvie does, however, enjoy all the perks of getting dressed up and going out. “It’s a thrill to find the most fancy dress in my closet, dig out all the most expensive jewelry I’ve got, and dress myself up in my warpaint ensemble. That’s my tightest dress, painted on me, hugging every curve. When I walk into that restaurant or that club, wherever it is we’re going out, I love to watch as every man in that place follows me with his eyes. Some heads turn and some don’t, depending on who wants to get caught, but I know that inside, every one of those guys is asking himself what it would be like to get with me, to talk with me. Some of them even shoot jealous, angry glares at my date. I’ve never quite understood that one, even though I do, up to a point.”

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