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Sweety / 28 / Brunettes


Sweety is a substantial brunette with a banging round rear-end and a pair of smoky eyes that draw you in and promise you a great time. She’s a fun girl and yet another of the party girls in our lineup. She has a Fine Arts degree, loves to paint, and is very in touch with her sensual side, including the fact that she is bisexual.

“People have silly, stuffy ideas about what Fine Arts degree means,” Sweety explains. “They think that you’re spending all your time in the lofty towers of Academe and you think that you’re better than everybody else. They probably picture you sitting among legions of equally stuck up college professors, you know, with leather cuffs on their tweed jackets. That’s certainly one way to describe school, but it’s pretty stilted. It doesn’t tell the real story. What I liked about studying Fine Arts, and I think what’s always going to be my favorite part of getting the degree, is that it helps me get in touch to things and qualities that speak to the emotional, the passionate, in other human beings. That’s really what making art is all about, isn’t it? Making people feel emotion through something you created? If a piece of art makes you feel something real, actually inspires something truthful in you, then it really doesn’t matter what emotion you experienced. Does it matter what the actual emotion is? I don’t think it does. I think as long as a piece of art makes you feel any emotion, sad or happy, glad or turned on, depressed or elated… well that’s still art. Art inspires your emotions. It builds you up or it tears you down. What it does to you depends on where you were when you started as much as the art itself.”

Sweety explains that when she paints, she is doing it entirely for herself, not for an audience and not for sale. “I make so many paintings,” she says, “but I don’t share them with anyone. I just do it for me, so I can figure out where I’m at in my head. Painting really grounds me, helps keep me sane. It puts me in touch with what my real emotions are, gets me deep down to where things are hidden and repressed. If achieving a state of Zen enlightenment is to erase all our attachments to the world and any distinction between ourselves and the rest of the world, then I get me some Zen enlightenment through painting. You can’t paint and hold on to things. You have to let go to let the art come out. When I’m engaged in making my art, I don’t feel sad. I don’t feel angry or happy. I don’t feel anything, really, as much as I experience the “right now.” When I’m painting, I become the paint and I become the canvas I’m painting on. This is all pretty weird, really, but that’s the best that I can describe what it’s like to paint.”

When it comes to expressing her sensual side, Sweety gets a bit less formal and a bit less out in space when she’s talking about it. She is a bisexual who has no problem admitting this fact. “One of my favorite things in the world,” she explains, “is to press my luscious lips against another woman’s. I love to feel our tongues wrap together. I love to get my tongue into her mouth and really start working her over. When we put our hands all over each other’s bodies, the best thing ever is for there to be nothing between us, not even a sheet. I just want to be completely nude and pressed against her. I want to feel her softness. I want to feel her feminine curves. I want to feel our tongues wrestling with each other. It’s not that I don’t love men. I loving being with men. Men are incredible and fun. But women are soft and lovely and sexy. Women you can press yourself into and enjoy in a way that you can’t with men. Women know how to touch a woman because they are women. Just thinking about it makes me excited.”

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