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Sofia / 28 / Blonde


With her banging body and equally banging personality, Sofia is one of those good-time girls who every man finds interesting, both inside and out. She is trained as a masseuse and also does some lingerie modeling on the side. She has been an escort with Wet Bunny Babes for some time now, and has quickly established herself as one of our more popular bookings. She explains that being a semi-professional masseuse gives her certain advantages when it comes to do doing her job specifically, and meeting men in general.

“I can tell you that for one thing,” says Sofia, “I can use my being a masseuse as an ice-breaker whenever I want to. I mean, think about how that works. Say you’re out with a man for the first time, and you’re trying to get to know him. Like most guys do, he’s a hard worker. That means that all his stresses, all his daily anxieties, are probably being carried around on his shoulders and neck, which is where most of us bury stress and tension. Like most men, he’s probably staring at my sexy body poured into a skintight dress, or maybe a tied off blouse and a mini skirt, and he’s starting to run through his mind all the fantasies he’s got about how much being with me might make him feel good. He might even be considering that afterglow when it’s all over, when you’re curled up in someone’s arms, pressed against the body you just got done enjoying, and he’s thinking about how nice it would be for us to lie together like that when we’re finished using each other’s bodies. Well, most guys don’t realize that you can simulate and stimulate these emotions and sensations through massaging your partner. Getting hands on with someone, working their muscles, it’s a wonderful way to show them not only how much you can do for them, but how much you’d care to do for them. It breaks the ice and it makes certain promises. It’s a wonderful opener.”

Sophia points out that massaging someone is easy to do wrong, and it’s not something that can be attempted in a half-hearted way. If a massage isn’t given in earnest and with real power behind it, you may just be wasting your time. “A lot of folks out there who fancy themselves capable of giving a massage really have no training and therefore have no clue whether they make people feel good or not. Do you remember on that old comedy show about all those people who were friends in New York City, there was one of the girls in that group who gave totally awful massages. The running joke was that she would start giving one of these and the person receiving it would have to find a way to escape, because the experience just wasn’t good, but nobody wanted to hurt the girl’s feelings. There are people in this world who give massages almost on par with that. It’s not enough to just kind of shove your hands at someone. Contact for the sake of contact simply isn’t enough. You have to be able to use the muscular force of your body, and do it the right way and in the right amounts. That’s not something that works if you do it half way. You can’t just kind of casually back into it. It requires physical commitment. And most of the time that isn’t obvious, and that’s why everybody thinks they can give a massage.”

Sofia is frank about how her appearance can intimidate others. “Hey,” she says, “I get it. I know that when you look like this, in a body like this, with perfect curves and a face like mine… it can be intimidating to both men and women. It’s pretty common, actually, that women who look good can’t seem to get dates with men, because most men who see them figure, ‘Hey, she’s out of my league, I’ll approach someone who isn’t quite as hot and who is more in keeping with who I think I can persuade to date me.’ That actually happens quite a lot, even to me. It’s funny how it works.”

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