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Sarah / 28 / Blonde


A very affectionate girl-next-door type, fresh faced and innocent looking, with a charming, sweet and contagious personality. Not just an adorable face, but intelligent and educated as well. Sarah graduated summa cum laude from UNLV with a bachelor’s degree in communications. Sarah’s love of the outdoors, swimming, hiking and bicycling, is reflected in her taut, athletic physique. Sarah has a good natured sense of humor and a gently playful personality. Her favorite hobbies include romantic strolls along the Las Vegas strip and getting and giving full body massages. Also a savvy conversationalist and a good listener if you are ever in the mood to talk. Although, once you see sexy Sarah,  talking to her will be the last thing on your mind. One look at those glossy, tiny, perfectly heart shaped lips, stretching into a warm smile across dazzling white teeth, and something gets stirred up inside, that brings plenty of other things to mind that those lips could be used for. Sarah’s lithe, petite frame is perfect for twirl around the dance floor, and does she love to dance. Slow and enticing is her dance style, with professional stripper style choreographed moves that are designed to send you into a frenzy of passion. While at the same time being mesmerized by her intoxicating beauty. Energetic and fun-loving Sarah loves casino and club-hopping and sipping on mimosas when out on the town. She also has a subdued streak that is drawn to the indoors for relaxing, cuddling and enjoying giving and/or getting a full body massage after a whirlwind night on the Las Vegas strip.

A long luxurious mane of hair surrounding a sweet innocent face, with long, thick, dark lashes framing large almond shaped eyes, deep enough to swim in. Simply hypnotic! Everything about this lady is a treasure, especially her warm personality and engaging attitude. As if her top notch looks and stunning body were not enough, but her beautiful attitude makes her a wet bunny Las Vegas escort favorite. Sara’s most charming and endearing quality is the way she gazes heroically at her man, she gives you all her attention. Sarah is one of our most requested beauties and comes highly recommended. Test her philosophy to see if it is true, that the sexiest thing a woman can wear is a smile. With that Las Vegas strip body, you can’t wait to find out.

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