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Roberta / 28 / Brunettes


Roberta is an active girl next door type who also enjoys spending a quiet evening at home with her date, or alone with a good book. When she’s not enjoying a little quiet time, however, Roberta is very active, and very naked when she’s being active. She does yoga, pilates, and is an avid swimmer, and in all of these cases she prefers to do her sports completely naked. As you can imagine, that requires a little planning or a lot of bravery, depending on where you are, and who else is around, when you take the time to engage in your favorite sport naked.

“I love to go to clothing optional beaches,” Roberta explains. “I love the idea of all those people just being completely free and natural, walking around under the sun in nothing at all. I love how free I feel when I’m naked outside. And swimming naked… that has to be the most glorious feeling in the world.” Roberta is actually very committed to swimming and does it every day. Her devotion to sports like that is only the beginning of her love of exercise.

“People in societies centuries ago were much more liberated when it came to the concept of sports,” she says. “They thought there was nothing unnatural at all about the human body. They made nude statues of what they saw as the perfect human form. They thought that of course, when you performed physically, you did so with nothing between you and your performance, nothing to get in the way. This has always been how I feel about my body and about using my body to do athletic things. I refuse to feel ashamed. I like how sexy I am. I like how I look when I look in the mirror.” Given her shape and her good looks, Roberta is pretty honest about the effect she has on the male of the species. “I really enjoy sharing what I’ve got, and it turns me on knowing that men who look at me are getting turned on.”

Another of Roberta’s favorite pastimes, it turns out, is talking about men’s fantasies with those men. And she is very proud of her ability to get a reaction without resorting to any sort of “hands on” technique. “I like knowing that when I’m discussing a man’s fantasies with him and really getting to know what turns him on, I can turn up the heat and the pressure on him without ever using my body to physically touch him. How powerful a turn on is it to have that kind of imagination? Just by talking dirty to someone, you can make them feel good. That’s an incredible skill.” Roberta draws a distinction between her ability to weave a man’s fantasies in his head for him, and someone who is just good with their hands. “A guy can go into any massage parlour and find someone who is good enough with her hands to make him feel good,” she says. “Especially if you’re a pretty girl, when you’ve got your hands on someone, they’re pretty much at your mercy. I think it’s a much bigger challenge to be able to do the same thing with just your voice, just your imagination. I like to see a guy get turned on in front of me. I like to see him squirm and fidget, maybe even sweat a little. I like to watch his pupils get bigger as he’s drinking me in with his eyes, and I know what’s behind those eyes. He’s picturing what it’s like to be with me, and all the filthy, dirty, naughty things he wishes we could do together. A girl loves to know that a guy is thinking things like that about her.”

Roberta admits that she sees men as pretty straightforward animals. “A guy, he’s like a light switch,” she says. “He’s turned on or he’s turned on. You either have his attention or you don’t have his attention. But every man, if he’s straight, he likes it when a woman pays attention to him. He loves to know she’s excited by him. If you can give that to a man, he’s yours.”

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