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Raina / 28 / Brunettes


Raina is an exotic, erotic head-turner with a head of dark hair and the sultry demeanor to match. She really likes to dance, is partial to very short dresses, and is yet another member of the Wet Bunny Babes party lifestyle team. She is proud of the memories she has forged as a party girl and wants to make sure that she’s on track to make many more. She’s also happiest when she’s in a thong and corset, showing off her assets and enjoying her body’s sexuality to its fullest.

“I’m happiest when I’m on the dance floor,” explains Raina. “It is there that I can really let my hair down and be who I want to be. I know so many of the girls who work at Wet Bunny Babes talk about how much they like dancing at clubs, but it’s all true. We see each other out. Vegas is a big city, but it’s not that big. We all see each other when we’re out partying, and we share clients and clubs in common. I’ve spent plenty of great evenings dancing with my fellow escorts, and even partying with them. I like the feeling of reckless abandon that comes with just completely letting go and partying down. I like to have a few drinks, sure, but I’ve never needed to hit substances really hard in order to get that euphoria. I like the natural runner’s high type of euphoria that comes from dancing for a long time, just going and going until you are drenched in sweat and the world is disappearing around you as you dance to the beat.”

One of the ways Raina likes to push the boundaries, whether she’s dining out or clubbing or just hitting the town in some other ways, is with tight dresses. “I love sheath dresses,” she explains. “I live those slinky one pieces that look like they have been spray-painted on. And as you can see, I have the figure to wear them. When I’m out partying, I like to see just how close I can push to the edge with my dress. I’m on a mission to find a dress so short and so tight that I can only barely get into it. It’s already hard enough to get into some of the pants that I own, because they’re painted on. When I pour myself into one of those dresses, I get a lot of attention, from every male in the club or restaurant that I go into. They can’t help but look when you’re wearing something like that. And yes, I’ve seen the disapproving looks and heard the disapproving comments, mostly from women, about dressing like a slut. But to me, dressing to show off your body isn’t slutty. Saying someone is a slut because they look hot is just a nasty way of shooting them down because you’re jealous, if you ask me.”

Raina is completely honest about the party lifestyle she has adopted. “I know as well as you do that what I do, while it’s work, it’s very nontraditional work. Anyone who chooses to make their home in Vegas and stay there full time, they’re singing on for a kind of endless vacation in which there’s always something fun going on. I’ve always kind of wondered about the entertainers who, often at the end of their careers, will sign on to do Vegas shows for what seems like forever. I think that’s because this town lends itself to sort of holding you in limbo. The party never stops. The fun never ends. And so the people who live here in Vegas, and the people who work here, they’re almost not aging. They’re trapped in a kind of stasis where there’s only having fun. Well, trapped in amber like that, it’s no wonder that people choose to party like there’s no tomorrow. It’s always New Year’s Eve of 1999 here in Vegas, no matter what actually happens. It’s not reality. It’s party-reality. You’ve got to have lived here to understand it and have experienced it.”

Raina admits that there will come a day when she’s ready to settle down. “That just won’t be today,” she says.

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