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Phoenix / 28 / Brunette


Now presenting Las Vegas escort wet bunny babe Phoenix. Phoenix is an outgoing beauty with wavy tresses tumbling down her smoking hot body. Phoenix has what was dubbed “the perfect porno body” and shot xxx rated films for porn companies such as video team and vivid. Phoenix is a beach babe from the shores of the West Coast. She has a bubbly personality and is a long lean athletic machine. Lean and hard around the stomach area and hips but busty up top. They are so large and round that there is nothing she can do to hide them. The other girls are always so jealous of her. Wet bunny babe Phoenix is thin but shapely, thanks to a tiny waist as the result of strenuous aerobic exercise.

Phoenix visits the gym on a regular basis to keep that tight, toned frame you see in the gallery. She ended her stint in the porn industry because “the industry was more about money than sex. I like to see it be more about sex, and then the same amount about money” Phoenix completed her bachelor’s degree in English at Nevada state college in 2013 and has an intellectual quality to her. Her favorite pastimes are writing love poetry, gambling and casino hopping on the Las Vegas strip. Phoenix likes to read and Phoenix likes to travel. Phoenix has but one favorite hobby, and that’s sex. Without a doubt.

Phoenix is in it just for the fun of it. Phoenix is the fun, smart, nerdy, sexy, girl. Financial stable through some wise investments Phoenix just loves the Las Vegas, NV nightlife. Drinks at the high end tables. Winning money in blackjack and poker. Celebrating with earnings at the hottest nightclub, strip club or a more intimate setting. Your dime, her time. Come play and have fun together and enjoy each other’s company. Phoenix says, “i love the male species and the male species loves me.” Phoenix loves the testosterone vibe men give off with their body, as soon as they look at her sexy, porno body. It is a real turn-on, for her to see how turned-on men get by looking at her body.

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