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Perla / 28 / Brunettes


Perla is a little devil of a dark-haired beauty who enjoys party games and playing dress up. She is especially fond of naughty costume parties and has a closet full of garments that help her change from identity to identity. She sees herself, she says, as almost a superhero of sexiness, and she says her superpower is her pert little bottom. “I know big butts are all the rage right now,” she says, “and compared to some I don’t have the largest rear end in the world. But it’s nicely shaped and oh so tightly toned. I think men really appreciate a fine little pear-shape like I’ve got. When you’re up for any adventure, that just makes it all that much better. I’m happy to take on any challenge when a man takes me out for the night.”

One of the party games that Perla enjoys is truth or dare. “We should really call the game what it really is,” she says, laughing. “It’s a submission game. It’s a way to play with the power dynamic. I think all men and women enjoy playing games with power. Whether it’s tying up a girl in your neckties, or clamping a pair of handcuffs on, or getting all fancy with it and pulling out the padded cuffs and ball gags, these types of submission games are always a turn on and get anyone hot and bothered when they come up. When you play a game like truth or dare, you’re basically giving up power to strangers. This charges you up sexually. It’s very thrilling. And it’s a way to get to know someone, or a group of someones, very quickly. I love to see what someone is like. I love to get to know them on that truth or dare battleground. And if we call be flirty and sexy while we’re doing it, that’s fantastic. It’s part of the game. It’s part of what makes the escort lifestyle so much fun. Starting out a night with no idea where it is going to lead you, giving yourself up to an adventure so totally that you’re practically high with the emotion of not knowing what will happen next, is one of the real pleasures of this lifestyle. It’s why always dating, always going out and being entertained, is so much fun. It’s that endless potential of what’s waiting for you out there in the world.”

As for dressing up in lingerie, Perla has some very specific ideas about what she likes and what she doesn’t. “I love costumes,” she says. “I especially like any sexy interpretation of some other costume. You know, the traditional Halloween costumes that turn everybody into a slut of some kind. You can be a slutty nurse, a slutty witch, a slutty princess, and so on. I adore those types of costumes. I think they’re so much fun. My kinky little red devil costume is one of my favorites because it can be worn in pieces. I can wear just the horns if I’m feeling horny.” She laughs again, drawing one hand across her bare stomach. “I can wear the tiny little shorts and the matching stiletto heels. But no matter how much I’m wearing, or how much I’m not wearing, there’s one piece of lingerie that I do like to engage in whenever I can, and that’s lace-up corsets. I like lingerie that is complicated. I want to put a lot of effort into getting it on me.”

As for why this is, Perla admits that she has an ulterior motive. “I want my lingerie to be elaborate,” she says, “so that my man is forced to really take his time getting it off me. There’s nothing sexier than a man slowly peeling you out of your clothes, his fingers trembling with anticipation as he reveals each beautiful layer of you. Whenever possible I try to set things up so that when I’m with a man, especially if it’s for the first time, he’s got to slowly take off my clothes and my lingerie if he wants to have access to what’s underneath. Making him work for it just makes it that much sweeter when he gets it.”

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