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Nikita / 28 / Brunettes


Luscious, leggy Nikita is every man’s dream. She’s tall and toned, with a smile that could charm just about anyone. While she considers herself something of a tomboy, and enjoys a variety of sporting activities accordingly, she really is a feminine beauty without equal, who can stun a crowd whenever she walks into a room on the arm of her man. We asked Nikita to tell us which of the various “tomboy” activities in which she engages happen to be her favorite. She did not take long before deciding on riding motorcycles and four-wheeled vehicles.

“Riding any kind of a motorized machine that you straddle,” Nikita says, “that has to take the cake. There’s something about having that throbbing, humming machine underneath you, that power that pushes you through the mud and the sand and the snow or whatever. Snowmobiles, I like those too, when I travel somewhere that you could use them. When you have that kind of power underneath you, it makes you feel like there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. That’s probably not a good thing. When a machine can make you feel so strong and indestructible, when it carries that fast beyond what we could consider normal speeds, you get high on that feeling of power, that freedom, and you could probably get hurt if you don’t slow down and be more careful. Even if you were to get hurt, I guess, everything that you feel before you end up injured almost makes it worth it. I guess that’s why people take the risk of riding dangerous machinery. I love the feeling of power and freedom, just like they do. I’m not immune to it.”

These days, however, rather than take the extreme risk of running machinery like that, Nikita gets her rush through cycling, hiking, and doing other sports. It’s the same sort of activity, she explains, just something that takes place at slightly slower speed. “The physical exercise is what matters to me,” she says. “When I’m hiking a particularly difficult trail, the steeper it gets, the more I have to work, the happier I am,” she says. “I like to be in touch with the earth. I like to have to make my body operate. I like to feel my feet pumping inside my shoes. Then, when I have to push harder to get up that next hill, whether I’m on foot or on my bike, I’ll force myself. I’ll push myself harder. I’ll get myself up that next rise.”

Nikita explains that part of the appeal of cycling and other sports, for her, is the opportunity to wear sexy clothes while she’s doing it. “If I could,” she says, “I would spend a lot of time in just a sports bra and some shorts. I love how I look in athletic clothing. Cycling outfits made of spandex are good for me. And I like yoga pants. Yoga pants are form fitting and show off all of my assets. I like to know that even when I’m exercising, the men looking at me are getting off on how I look, and getting turned on when I pass by. I’m not one of these girls who thinks getting ‘catcalled’ is the worst thing that can ever happen to you. I like being appreciated. I like knowing that people are thinking positive things about me. I can’t imagine anyone having a problem like that. By definition, if someone catcalls you, they’re thinking you’re sexy. You did something that turned them on. Maybe what you did was just being there. That’s special all by itself.”

Nikita is happy to drop what she’s doing and party when someone asks. “I’m down for it whenever it happens,” she explains. “When you live this escort lifestyle you’ve got to be able and willing to party at a moment’s notice. You get a call, and you’re told that somebody wants a date. Then just like that you’re meeting him and he’s telling you what he wants to do. Maybe there’s a specific venue he wants to go to. You could go from thinking you have your whole afternoon and evening completely open to suddenly taking in a show on the Strip.”

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