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Nicole / 28 / Blonde


Nicole is a leggy blonde who looks spectacular in everything from a cocktail gown to a set of the naughtiest lingerie imaginable. She believes in always maintaining an upbeat demeanor, and she thinks there is no problem that can’t be solved with a long, slow, close-body hug. Among her hobbies are spending as much time as possible in hot tubs, jogging in the local park to stay in shape, and visiting the Vegas nightlife spots with her clients in order get her fun on. Nicole is especially proud of her eyes, which more than one of her lovers have described as hypnotic. She is also very much into fast sports cars.

“The men I date, they really seem to enjoy locking stares with me and looking deep into my eyes,” she says. “When they do it, I move my body against them as sexily as I can. When I lock eyes with a guy from across a club, maybe run my tongue over my lips to wet them and open my mouth just a little to let him know that, yes, I’m looking at him, that will pull him in. I’ve got his attention then. Once I’ve pulled him in, I’ll go walking across that club floor. I’ll shake my butt as I go. The whole time I’m walking up to him, I want him fixed on me. I want him to feel like I’m pulling him right into my eyes, pulling his very soul. I want us to have this incredible shared experience. A man can really learn a thing or two about himself in circumstances like those.”

One of Nicole’s favorite activities is riding in fast cars. “I love sports cars,” she explains. “To me, when I’m in the passenger seat of a fast car, and I can feel the engine just thumping along, building beneath me, sending shivers up my spine, the feeling of accelerating is nothing compared to the vibration of that precision machine beneath me. I like to look up those sexy videos on the computer, the ones where they put hot girls into fast cars and then drive them around with a camera set at chest level, so you can see their bodies react to the g-forces of the race track and these hot girls are screaming and hooting the whole time.”

Nicole says that of all the cars she’s ridden in during hot dates on the Strip and elsewhere, her favorite was probably a Jaguar. “I know Jaguars have this reputation for being temperamental,” she says, “but they’re such a luxurious cars. I love being surrounded by luxury. I think in life it’s worth being pampered as often as possible. Because we simply don’t get that long on this planet.” Racing along in a high-powered Jaguar is something Nicole dreams about. “I wish I could afford one of those,” she says. “I make good money, but right now, it’s not practical. I think about it, though. I think about buying one of those racing models with a drop top and just tooling around with the wind in my hair. It’s such an exhilarating thought.”

Nicole loves to dress up in sexy dresses and even sexier underwear when she goes out with a man… and when she brings him back home. “The more work I can make it to pry me out of my clothes, the more fun it is,” she explains. “I like a man who goes slow. I like him to really feel me out, get to know what’s going on with my body. And I like to do the same. I like to work his belt slowly, open the buttons of his shirt very slowly, and feel him doing the same. The act of just undressing can be very erotic. And I’m all about what’s erotic. I love the feeling of getting close to someone. I love that electric thrill of love in the air.”

Nicole admits that she spends some time looking at herself in the mirror. “I hope not too much,” she says. “But I enjoy just looking at my naked body in the mirror. I let my eyes follow every curve and hollow. I like my sexy shape.”

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