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Mona / 28 / Blonde


Statuesque blond Mona is the kind of woman who will occupy a man’s fantasies for a long time after he’s spent some time with her. A former lingerie model who has the height and the curves to pull off the gig, Mona has enormous, luscious breasts and a powerful smile that can’t be denied. She’s tried her hand at some film roles and is still thinking about pursuing the career when she’s finished her time as an escort for Wet Bunny Babes. She also specializes in giving clients the best fantasy fulfillment possible. her incredible body means that there are very few fantasy scenarios that are outside her reach.

“Acting appeals to me because it lets me be people who I’m not,” explains Mona. “I have always liked fantasy and role play. I’ve always liked to pretend. Acting is the chance to do that for as many times as you have parts. It is a great escape. I also really enjoy the concentration it requires. You know, there are some actors who are method actors, and the way they ply their craft is that they pretend to be their characters and then just never stop. I remember reading an old interview with Vincent Price, who was a classically trained actor. He never believed in method acting and he thought method actors were foolish. His opinion was you should be able to turn it on and turn it off… if you really had any skill as an actor. I’m not sure which I believe, but I know that acting is hard work. I might do more of it in the future. I’m undecided. I just know that it was fun to pursue acting and have a few bit parts. The acting world is complex and full of layers. There are so many people out there just kind of scamming for bigger and better parts. They’re like… cruising, trolling, trying to get bigger parts each time, totally ready to bribe their way into a part of they have to. Sleeping with directors and producers to get a part is very common, and it doesn’t matter if you are male or female. And bribing the people in charge with drugs is another popular way. Ultimately, I decided I didn’t really want to live in the culture of acting, so I came out here and became an escort.”

Mona explains that escorting was a much better fit for what she enjoys as a person. “If you could have an endless party, would you?” she asks. “I was kind of blown away from the minute I realized what being a professional escort was going to do for me. It was going to enable me to live the party from the moment I got up until the moment I came home, sometimes after being out all night. Men were going to take me out and treat me and I was going to see to it they were happy. If you could date and play for a living, I bet you would be tempted to do so. In my case, escorting was so much a better fit than acting. There’s still some role playing sometimes,” she says, laughing, “and there’s more customer service involved in escorting than in acting. On the whole, though, escorting involves more leisure time and less grief, for greater reward. It’s relatively hard to make a living as an actor unless you get lucky. A motivated escort can make a living as long as she’s willing to put the time in.”

Mona is very honest about the fantasy fulfillment she performs when she’s with a man she chooses to engage in this way. “The way to a man’s heart is not his stomach,” she says. “The key to his heart is his fantasies. When you find a way to give a man what he has always desired, you find a way to dig down to his heart and make him yours forever. Fulfill his darkest wants and he will be devoted to you always. A man remembers the woman who gives him what he has always wanted and what he thought he could never have. That’s a powerful gift that engenders strong loyalty.”

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