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Miriam / 28 / Brunettes


Miriam is a busty brunette lovely whose full figure and generous curves are complemented by a beautiful smile and a pair of gorgeous eyes. One of her favorite things to do is to kiss, to make out, to use her lips and get in a full workout as she gets to know her man. She is also very fond of high heels, the sharper the better, and she has an extensive collection of stiletto shoes. Miriam’s other hobbies include playing chess, going to movies, and dancing. She also has tried her hand at pole-dancing, although it’s not her profession the way working as an escort happens to be. From a large family and close to her parents, Miriam believes that her background has had a very profound effect on her outlook on life and love today.

“I think it was a really great thing to come from a big family and to be close with everyone in it,” she says. “I don’t know how people who don’t have that grounding, that connection to a family and a support network, deal with life without that anchor. To have a support group, to be anchored and centered in that way, really makes a difference where your outlook on life and your ability to cope with challenges is concerned. When you have that support, it makes a difference from the moment you go to bed at night to the moment you wake up. Having family means having a means of constant feedback, to redirect you when you go wrong, to keep you on the right path. It’s sad to me to think that some people don’t have that. I think a big family really keeps you grounded.”

Pondering slightly less profound topics, Miriam is happy to talk about shoes. “I love my stiletto collection,” she says. “You know that song, ‘Stiletto?’ I think that’s always running through my head when I shop. The taller and slimmer the heel, the better I feel. I love how a good pair of tall stilettos makes my calves look. I love the way it shapes my legs. I have nice, long legs, and I spend a lot of time exercising to keep them looking toned and nice. I also like being temporarily tall, haha. But having shoes on like this really teaches you how to move with grace. You can always spot the girls who haven’t spent enough time in heels when they walk around like giraffes on frozen ponds. I always feel for the people who are suffering awkwardly like that. I think to myself, ‘You poor thing. How come nobody taught you how to walk in heels?’”

Possibly the biggest surprise among her hobbies is her love of chess. “Have you tried strip chess?” she asks, laughing. “Trust me, it’s a thing. Most men don’t think of a woman, especially a beautiful woman like an escort, being into chess. Chess is seen as nerdy and intellectual. But I enjoy the peace of mind that chess brings. You have to clear your mind of distractions if you want to play well. And unless you’re playing a timed game, which I’ve never liked to do, you can really relax and enjoy a slow-paced match, as you think through each possibility. I’m not saying I’m a chess master or anything. I’m just an amateur. But it’s fun to play. I like doing new things.”

The pole-dancing hobby Miriam maintains is perhaps slightly more expected among lovely ladies, and Miram admits this. “Every man, I think, deep down, thinks that any sexy lady he’s with instinctively knows how to work the pole,” she says. “In reality, it isn’t as simple as just putting up one of those home stripper poles in your bedroom or living room and then thinking you can work it. There’s real technique to pole dancing. But it is great exercise and it’s a great way to learn to be even sexier, to show off your body and your talents. There isn’t a man alive who doesn’t enjoy a private pole dance from a sexy lady. If he says otherwise, he’s just lying. All men find a woman performing for them to be exceptionally primal.

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