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Mirella / 28 / Brunettes


Raven-haired Mirella is a sultry temptress who likes to please a man in many different ways. Deeply committed to helping others, Mirella has the kind of body that most men only dream about encountering in a woman they date. One of her favorite things in the world is to wear garter belts with her stockings and lingerie, and she has been known to pose for lingerie shoots. She is also very proud of her listening skills, which she uses to get to know her clients.

“One of thing about modeling for lingerie shoots,” Mirella says, “is that the focus isn’t on you. You’re almost like a store mannequin. You’re there to make the lingerie look good. If you look sexy, if you can make the reader want to have sex with you, then he or she will make the connection that it’s the lingerie that makes you sexy. So you’re absolutely essential to the process, but you’re not really central to it. You’re only there to make the lingerie look as naughty and appealing as you can.”

Mirella explains that going on underwear shoots has been a great way to make some extra money while reminding her of just how sexy she can be when dressed up in the right outfit. “Underwear is so intimate,” she says. “I love having sexy, silky underwear next to my skin. I like to think about who’s going to see it next besides me. That’s the reason you bother to dress up in fancy underwear in the first place, isn’t it? Because you’re hoping that someone will see it eventually, and be turned on by it? I feel so oversexed sometimes, dressing up in different lingerie outfits for the photo shoots. But it’s very much worth it.”

Mirella prides herself on her ability to get in touch with what her clients are feeling by listening to them. “When I really listen to a man, it makes me happy to have him opening up to me. When he gives up his deepest desires, his darkest secrets, that’s like granting me access to a part of his soul. That’s such a personal gift. It’s unlike anything you could purchase for the occasion. This is the difference between buying a card at the drugstore and hand-engraving something with the sentiment you want to express. When a man takes the time to do something personal for me, when he does more than just go through the motions, it makes me feel very good about that person. It makes me want to give it up for him.”

Pride in how she helps people keeps Mirella going even when things become challenging. “I have the highest respect for helping others,” she explains. “There are some professions that help a lot more than others. Nursing is one of them. I remember reading that nurses are the most committed people when it comes to helping others on the job. Nurses are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to women who they think deserve to be applauded for helping in their professions. So we, the women of the world, voted nurses the most helpful profession, and that makes good sense to me.”

Pleasing her man starts with finding out what he would like to see her wear, in Mirella’s mind. “When I take a client out, I have a few subtle ways of asking him without disrupting the mood,” she explains. “I want to be as attractive as possible for him. So I will wear what I think will please him. If he likes jeans, I’ll wear them tight. If he likes skirts, I’ll wear them short.”
Mirella has some definite opinions about what it means to be a woman. She takes a relatively dim view of feminism and the notion of empowering women, because there’s no real solidarity among feminist causes when certain women disagree with them. “If you don’t agree, you’re somehow a traitor to the entire gender,” she says, sounding cynical. “I don’t see any reason to sign on with that nonsense. Sensuality, not a lot of political causes, is the key to being a woman, to me. That’s who we were made.”

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