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Louise / 28 / Blonde


Curvy, fun, and fully figured, busty Louise is one of our more experienced escorts and has plenty to say about what makes Vegas work. Something of a practical joker who enjoys being silly and flirty, Louise is also an amateur massage therapist who likes to give her loves warm-oil body massages. Above all, she is cheerful at all times, and her gentle spirit and lyrical laugh have a way of lifting even the most troubled of souls.

“Yes, I admit it,” Louise explains. “I enjoy playing practical jokes on my friends and family. But I should explain what I mean by that. We have really fallen too far away from what the point of practical jokes is supposed to be. Instead of being funny and silly, the majority of practical jokes today are just needlessly cruel, or simply deceptive. People have stopped doing silly things and seem to just want to put one over on each other, trick each other so they can say that they fooled one another, without any degree of humor in them at all. It’s like all these news reports you see on social media, all of which are fake. Some of them tell you that some famous actor you like has died. And a lot of actors are troubled, so that seems perfectly plausible to you. But when you look closely you see the site sharing the news isn’t a real one, and the news story is completely made up, yet there’s nothing at all funny about it. That’s what’s missing from April Fool’s Day and from practical joking anymore. A sense of fun. A sense that people are going to laugh, not out of meanness, not out of cruelty, but because something truly silly and fun happened.”

Louise prefers her humor a bit more traditional. “The acid test,” she says, “is always for me, does this make me laugh out loud? I think when something is genuinely funny, you can’t help but be amused by it. That spirit is infectious. If something is appropriately good-hearted, you can put one over on someone, you can prank them, and it isn’t anything bad. They’ll join in and laugh with you because there’s no spirit of maliciousness to the joke you just played. But so many of the pranks you see online, like on YouTube, are just needlessly cruel. I’ve often wondered about some of those prank videos where a husband does something like wake his wife up with a loud noise, or does other things to humiliate her. I wonder at times if those folks ended up in therapy after their brief bout with viral video fame was over.”

Where Louise really gets excited about what she can do for her lovers and for her clients, however, is when the topic of discussion turns to warm-oil body massages. “I just love to give and receive physical pleasure,” she says. “It’s very important to me. And like with holiday gifts, I would rather be giving than taking. I want to get you under my hands on my ‘operating table,’ and I want to help ease all the tension you’re carrying around. But a warm oil body massage is not purely therapeutic. A good part of it is erotic. A lot of it is foreplay. And that’s why, when the time is right, I’ll let you take the bottle of oil and start rubbing it on me.”
Louise enjoys the feeling of her lover exploring her with the slippery oil to guide his way. “When he’s got his hands all over me and his working his way up, rubbing the oil in, getting closer to me and starting to make my own pleasure build up within me, we are never more close than we are at that moment. That’s a lesson that I’m happy to make and to share. It’s like an audition of sorts. If he can show me that he knows what he’s doing at that stage, then I’m going to be much more likely to give it up and let him take control, let him take the lead. And of course when I’m out on dates with clients, I always take my cues from them.”

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