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Lola / 28 / Blonde


Now presenting Las Vegas escort wet bunny babe Lola. Lovely Lola is an aspiring Las Vegas showgirl. A limber, tight body, that doesn’t have a single ripple. This girl is wet bunny to the tenth power. A perfect 10 all over. Lola is intelligent too. She has studied fine arts and literature. Lola is a classically trained professional ensemble dance artist. She has been in shows all over the planet, and even plans “to dance on mars” says the young beauty. Lola recently relocated to fabulous Las Vegas, NV from her native Sweden where she was discovered at a local beauty pageant by a wealthy, visiting Las Vegas businessman. Lola immediately fell in love with the excitement and allure of fabulous Las Vegas, NV and has earned numerous parts in Las Vegas stage productions.
Lola was a cheerleader in high school and ever the gymnast at heart, she continues daily to practice cheerleading as part of a grueling exercise routine she puts herself through, almost each and every day.

Lola enjoys being pampered, and pampering in return. Her over the top gorgeous face, with a body that just won’t quit gives her a commanding presence when she steps in the room. The whole room cannot help but pause for a moment of silence when she steps on the scene. Ravishing in every way and a delight to the senses, with her fragrance, her perfect tone and make-up, and always sporting the latest sexy high-end trends.
Lola has a body that looks good in anything she wears, she just cannot go wrong. Her small perky breasts in a long, low-cut body-hugging satin gown, or her long, ultra-toned dancer super legs in a shorter than short tennis skirt, even in a minuscule 2-piece bikini showing off her perfectly sculpted everything, or in low-rise jeans showcasing her flat muscular belly, Lola’s body is built to command attention from men, and demand the envy of women. Lola credits her love, and continual practice of swimming and gymnastics for keeping her body in tip-top notch condition.

Lola’s face is always impeccable with her high-end cosmetics applied precisely. Smoky eyes, and an absolutely fabulous, sparkling white smile framed by thin lips wearing her signature million dollar red lip color. You can look at lovely Lola from any angle, and in any light, day or night and she always looks her best. Lola is a confident beauty that carries herself like a class act.

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