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Larna / 28 / Brunettes


Larna is a dusky beauty who knows her way around a man’s heart, not to mention the rest of his anatomy. Having lead a relatively sheltered life growing up, all that changed for Larna when she came to Vegas and turned positively wild. She enjoys watching x-rated movies in her spare time, and acting out the different scenes and positions. She likes to say she is skilled in the art of fantasy fulfillment. She also spends a lot of time walking around the neighborhood, getting as much brisk exercise as she can. Larna is nothing if not devoted to her own health and fitness, because staying healthy and fit gives her more leeway to party the days away as one of Wet Bunny Babes committed party lifestyle girls.

“I enjoy fulfilling fantasies,” says Larna, with a mischievous smile on her face. “Fantasies are something I take very seriously, and they are the things that turn me on the most. Fantasies are like a delightfully dirty secret that every single one of us has. If there is one thing I enjoy most of all when I’m interacting with a lover or a client, it is prying his fantasies out of his head. I want to know what my man is thinking. I want to know what turns him on. If I can get him to share his fantasies with me, I’m on the way to really opening him up as a person. And if his fantasies are naughty and sexy and they turn me on as well, I will gladly act them out with him. You have never seen a man so happy as when a beautiful woman tells him she wants to act out his fantasies with him. This is what I do. I find out the dirtiest, darkest things that a man thinks, and then I do what is almost unthinkable and just give them to him. If it means dressing up in something special, something sexy and freaky, I will do that. If it means doing something physical I’ve never done before, well, I’m pretty specific about trying new things, and I enjoy being wild. In fact, every day I try to do something new, something wilder than I’ve tried before. That’s my commitment to the party lifestyle that makes Wet Bunny Babes possible.”

“Growing up,” Larna explains, “I led a pretty sheltered life. I think that’s a good way to grow up for the most part, because it means you get to have a childhood. You don’t get it taken from you by anxieties over which you have no control. I think we do that to our kids now. We steal their childhoods by filling their children’s worlds with the truth about all the problems out there in the world. Kids should have a chance to be children, which means just putting their faith in their parents and not worrying about the cold, hard realities of the outside world. Well, I was sheltered in that way, and it meant I was a happy, easygoing child. But I knew very little of life and love.”

Once she got to Vegas, Larna explains, she went a little bit crazy. With the sheltered world in which she had previously lived now shattered, she got to see firsthand all the temptations and vices that Las Vegas has to offer. “I over-indulged at first,” she admits. “I had to find my party girl equilibrium. Now, I have just that, and I can party with the rest of my Wet Bunny Babes crew without even a second thought. Those first few weekends in Vegas, though, I was doing my best to destroy myself with over-indulgence. And I mean overindulgence in the context of Las Vegas, not by the standards of out there in the world. That’s really saying something. I can feel a change coming to the market at large, too, even as I write this, and that is that it’s getting easier to party hard while still keeping it together. Maybe society getting more laid back in general is helping that. I don’t know. I know I value my sheltered upbringing, though, because it helps me stay in touch with my innocence.”

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