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Kitty / 28 / Blonde


A former lingerie model with curves to die for, Kitty is completely uninhibited and ready to take on all comers for new adventures. She has no fear and has said often she will try anything once. She is also incredibly beautiful, her blonde hair and her full curves coming together to produce the full package of sexy. Several shots of Kitty feature her in lingerie because that was her previous craft, and the lingerie industry’s loss is definitely Wet Bunny Babes’ gain.

“Lingerie modeling was good to me,” Kitty explains. “I liked feeling like each new day, the focus was entirely on me being sexy. How do you hate a job that gets you dressed up in countless sexy outfits? Some of the pictures I took are so hot they’ll melt your face off. I sent a few to an ex boyfriend once, just to show him what he was missing, and I got back the most tearful and apologetic letter. It actually made me a little sad that we had broken up. I guess the photos really made an impression.”

Kitty’s complete lack of inhibitions are both an asset and a liability. “Sometimes I wonder if you get worse about that sort of thing the longer you do this job,” she says. “I mean, it’s true that when you’re an escort, you’re signing up for a day to day party that never stops. But over time that breaks down your inhibitions. You get used to saying ‘yes’ to whatever comes your way, to whatever party challenge comes up. And that means you have lots of exciting, fun adventures. But it also means that you start to never say no to things. And never saying no, well… it can cause trouble sometimes. I’ve had some truly wild nights that I thought about the next morning. Would I repeat them? Well… probably. Yeah. I would.”

Some of Kitty’s most popular profile shots involve her beautifully round rear-end. Her long legs and her beautiful skin make her a real stunner, popular among Wet Bunny Babe’s customers on the basis of her appearance alone. “We live in the era of the big booty,” Kitty says, laughing. “And I have a pretty nice one. I know that I do. I don’t know if it’s going to ‘break the internet’ any time soon, but It think I do pretty darned well for myself. And none of the men I date are complaining.”

One of Kitty’s tasks as a lingerie model was to model swimsuits during the seasonal calendar shoots. She admits that she misses it. “It can be hard to do swimsuit shoots,” she says, “because often you’re shooting the images in the off season. That means that you’re wearing bikinis in weather that is way too cold for them, and you have to pretend you’re not freezing half to death as you pose for the pictures. But the company I worked with used to fly us to warm weather climates, where we would do nothing but shoot exotic bikini pics for a week or two at a time. It was like one long vacation: You go to the beach, you lounge around on that beach being sexy, you take a few pictures, and then you wait to lounge around on the beach by… lounging around on the beach. I have to admit that while I don’t miss the more frequent grind of the lingerie shoots, it was nice to spend time on those swimsuit shoots. They were like miniature vacations where I got to be smoking hot the whole time.”

Kitty misses her friends from her lingerie days, but mostly because they too, were partiers. “Don’t get me wrong,” she says. “We have a pretty diehard group of partiers now at Wet Bunny Babes. But my lingerie model friends and I really used to paint the town red. Can you imagine? A bunch of lingerie models haunting the local bars? It was a great time, and we got to share outfits and everything. Oh, the men whose minds we blew up with how we looked! It was so much fun. And now I have just as much fun with my new colleagues and friends.”