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Kim / 28 / Brunettes


Sexy, dark-haired Kim has an hourglass figure and a smoking hot personality to go with it. She’s like a Ferrari that you definitely don’t keep in the garage. She enjoys dressing sexy and spends a lot of time exploring the Vegas nightlife. Her most favorite thing, though, is probably horseback riding. Her tight-fitting riding pants are a favorite accessory among her dates, frequently without a horse anywhere to be seen for miles. That is our sexy escort Kim, who aims to please no matter who or what she has to win over in order to accomplish her mission of a successful, sexy date.

Kim is the first to admit that in her closet, she has a larger collection than average of skin-tight short skirts, short dresses, and mesh dresses. “It’s true,” she says, when asked. “I do have quite a few mesh dresses. There’s plenty of other slinky little numbers in my closet, of course, and any self-respecting escort is basically a dress-up doll with a closet full of costumes, but the mesh dresses are my favorite. I like that. I don’t just want to wear a dress that has a few strategically placed holes. I want to wear a dress that flirts with being see-through from top to bottom. I like feeling like I’m almost nude when I’m out on the town wearing a mesh dress.”

When asked if her love of essentially being naked in public has caused her any problems, Kim explains that it hasn’t. “There’s no law against being sexy,” she says. “Being clad in mesh is like being nude, but it’s actually better. You are still wearing a dress. If it is super low cut on the top and super high cut on the bottom, showing off plenty of cleavage and thigh, so much the better. It’s nice to be able to win people over, to turn them on, when you aren’t even doing anything. Poured into a dress like that, all I have to do to seduce someone is to be seen. A man looks at me in a mesh dress and he’s going to supply all the rest, all the wishful thinking, all the seduction, himself. He’s going to fall in love, just a little bit, and when he does, he’s going to be open to suggestions. That’s when I take my cues from my lover and suggest things that I think he’ll like. Maybe that’s going out and dancing so that all those other men in the club can see me and be jealous of my date. Maybe it’s going to a restaurant where we’ll push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable in public. Or maybe it’s going back to my place, where we’ll explore the frontiers of my little mesh dress and he’ll show me just what’s on his dirty mind. the possibilities are endless.”

This ability to act as a kind of tour guide to the city has another advantage, too, as Kim is quick to point out. “Most men are tired of trying to keep their ‘regular’ wives, girlfriends, or dates entertained,” she says. “They feel like they’re the director of activities aboard a cruise ship sometimes. It can be very stressful trying to plan out new activities for a couple, and then execute those plans. When does a guy get to relax and just enjoy himself?”

It is times like that, Kim explains, that her knowledge of Vegas’ club and entertainment scene really comes in handy. “I know my way all around the city,” she explains. I know the Strip like the back of my hand. I know all the best clubs. When I’m out with a guy, I can’t help but pick up new tips and tricks, see new places. My whole job is all about going out and having a good time, dating all over the city. There’s no way I couldn’t become an expert on Vegas, with all that practice. It’s so much fun getting your fingers on the pulse of a city this vibrant. No matter what my date wants to do, or even if he’s not sure, I can suggest plenty of things that will make him happy and entertain him.”

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