Wet Bunny Babes

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Kennedy / 28 / Blonde


Kennedy is a warm buxom beauty. Fun loving with an easy demeanor that is very approachable. She is originally from Europe and came to the states when she was a little one. She is escorting to earn extra money to pay her way through college. Kennedy will be beginning to pursue a degree in the hospitality industry next semester. Kennedy has the wholesome girl down home look. She likes the rodeo, mechanical bull riding and mud wrestling. She loves to play the slots while drinking Heineken. And she knows where some of the hottest machines are. Kennedy shows great enthusiasm for fun and the fun things, which is nice when her lithe, shapely body is bouncing up down against you, with her arms draped around your neck, because you just hit again.

Wet bunny babe Kennedy keeps in shape my hiking and rock climbing. She likes the Las Vegas nightlife and hanging out with her three best girlfriends. And she looks absolutely stunning in a plunging neckline and a shrinking hemline. Kennedy is a very friendly girl that you won’t be disappointed in. She knows a lot about where to go and what to do in town. Kennedy is an open book waiting to be read out loud, up close and personal. Kennedy is all about you having a fabulous time and enjoying herself as well. Never mind the high-end stuff, Kennedy is more down to earth and is happy with simply flowers and a box of candy.

Kennedy is a cutie with a nice butt, a tight waist and two nice big melons. She is physically fit with a happy attitude, and easy to get along with, and having a low key party girl style. Kennedy prefers to be more of the spectator of the party scene because she is really good at controlling her liquor. She likes to have a cool, mellow, sexy buzz while sitting at the tables betting chips. She definitely loves to go out and have fun and she is fun to be with.

Make sure you have your credit card handy when you call the number below in order to reach a live representative. Wet bunny babes are available for “on the spot” hotel door signature service. For “on the spot” hotel door signature service, you must rsvp a minimum of 24 hours in advance. So go get your credit card and call the number below

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