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Katy / 28 / Brunettes


Katy has a fresh, fun appeal, a natural sweetness to her, that makes her very popular among our stable of escorts. She is a gourmet cook, she enjoys watching soccer on television, and she loves to dress up in oversized sweaters and sweatshirts with nothing or very little worn below the waist. She also has a penchant for colorful knee socks and thigh-high stockings, as she owns a great pair of legs and is fond of showing them off. She is aware, however, that the rest of her body is pretty spectacular, too, and she’s not at all ashamed to show it off when the opportunity presents itself.

“When I’m home, I pretty much stick to myself,” she admits. “I spend my ‘work’ time going out and having fun, going on dates, partying, and generally living the escort lifestyle. That means that I can get in all my active partying during the time when most people are just trying to make a living. As a result, when I get time for me, I tend to spend that time relaxing quietly, or engaging in the hobbies that I like. One of those is gourmet cooking. I love to make good food, and I enjoy eating my own cooking. I also enjoy experimenting with new dishes. Most of the time it works out. Some of the time I end up having to scrap what I was attempting and just order a pizza if I want to eat anytime soon. As a single girl it doesn’t really matter. Nobody’s counting on me to provide them with dinner. But when I am with a man, I like to cook for him, because that’s very sensual.”

Kay explains that cooking for her date means showing him that she has domestic skills. “That’s what cooking is,” she says. “There was a time when one of the first things a guy asked about a girl before he started dating her was, ‘Can she cook?’ I think in the past, couples were a lot more at the mercy of their ability to prepare food at home than we are today. Even when you’re in a long-term relationship with somebody, you don’t necessarily have to be able to cook at all, and the two of you can still live very well and eat very well.”

Katy is an unusual girl and wears the label of “unique” with pride. “My whole life,” she says, “people have considered me a little different, a little outside the box. That’s part of what has driven me to become a world-class escort and to follow all of my dreams accordingly. Living the escort lifestyle has made me very comfortable with just about anything. Put me in any social situation and I can cope with it. Give me any challenge and I will gladly tackle it… and I will look sexy as hell doing so. Getting these challenges in relatively early in life makes you a stronger person. When you’ve faced struggles, when you’ve faced challenges, and you’re still here, you know that as you grow older, you’re going to be able to tackle anything that comes along.”

One way that Katy prepares herself for new challenges, she explains, is to sit in front of her mirror and apply her makeup. “If I could let my man do it, I would,” she explains. “One of the things I enjoy most is picking up the razor and shaving my man for him, running the razor gently over his face, being careful not to cut or nick him. It’s such an intimate act of trust, grooming someone like that. It’s a real turn on when I’m with someone, especially if he’s handsome or just particularly manly. A girl likes to feel that she has a barely caged male animal at her fingertips, and that keeping him pleased is the dividing line between him staying civilized and him running amok. It’s all a primal power fantasy, and a very erotic one, depending on how you let it play out. Should I let him get away with more? Should I draw a line? Is my body his to explore? There are so many options for us having fun together.”

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