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Kassandra / 28 / Blonde


Kassandra is a leggy bombshell who is a comfortable in a push-up half-bra as she is an evening gown or a pair of jeans. A social chameleon who is also incredibly feminine, Kassandra enjoys sexy costumes and roleplay, and she spends as much time in lingerie as she possibly can. While she admits to feeling some bisexual leanings, her primary focus is men, and how much she enjoys what she calls the “male animal.”

“I just love men,” says Kassandra without hesitation. “There’s nothing better than a powerful and sexy man, a beast of a man. But don’t put too many preconceived notions on that. The powerful, sexy, and handsome… these are qualities that can be had in many men, and no two of them look or seem alike. I’m a fan of all kinds of males. The male animal, that’s what I call it. Don’t think that’s negative, either. I think there’s nothing wrong with admitting that men are simple creatures. What’s better? No matter what you are doing, no matter what you are trying to accomplish, who wants things to be complicated?”

Kassandra has some definite opinions when it comes to how she thinks men should be treated. “So many men come to escort services because they are tired of the grief they get in more traditional relationships,” she explains. “We seem to train women from an early age to hassle guys. We nag them, we try to change them, and we’re always on their cases. Think about all the romantic movies and television shows about relationships that you can think of. What’s always happening in them? The guy is being nagged by the girl and told he’s not good enough, he’s not doing enough, he’s never enough. Is it any wonder that eventually a guy thinks, ‘I just want to be out with a sexy woman who isn’t placing demands on me. I just want to be myself. And then I want to be able to get some sleep and not worry that she’s crying or angry or something else that I don’t understand.’”

There’s another way that Kassandra thinks men should be treated, and that’s in the bedroom. “Women today are entirely too reluctant to embrace the power of the bedroom,” she says. “Everybody enjoys sex. You do, I do. So many relationships can be made better if the couples in them just put less pressure on each other and enjoy each other in the bedroom more. And it doesn’t have to be about stamina and performance, either. There’s so much a couple can do together in the bedroom that doesn’t put any real pressure on either of them, but helps them to be fun, and flirtatious, and enjoy each other’s company.” This is, Kassandra explains, one of the reasons that she enjoys dressing up in sexy costumes and different themed lingerie collections.

“I’m a fixture in the local lingerie shops,” she says. “Whenever possible I want to get down there and try on as many different outfits and types of underwear that I can. Dressing in lingerie is, to me, a way to be incredibly feminine and powerful at the same time. It’s a way to try on different identities, be new people. And with every outfit, every one of those people is super sexy and hot. There’s nothing better than that feeling when you show a man how sexy you can be, how you can become different identities for him. And what’s best about that is the expression on a man’s face when he takes in the sight of you dressed up for him like that. It’s like he’s happy, but he’s also a little shocked. He wants to see more but he’s wondering what else lies in store for him, and maybe he’s even wondering if you’ve done this sort of thing before. Don’t let a man fool you. Every man admires experience in a woman. Blushing virgins will only get a man so far. Eventually he wants to know that he’s got someone who can take care of him properly, someone who knows her way around her body and his. That’s when the undressing starts, and a whole new sexy dance begins.”

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