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Karina / 28 / Brunettes


Classy, fun, and well-built, Karina is a dark-haired beauty who has a particularly specific fetish when it comes to dress-up clothes: She likes to play sexy maid and engage in some “cleaning up” around the bedroom. She is one of our most skilled escorts and is always happy to be there for a man who needs a scintillating companion for a night out, or just a companion at home for quiet night in. Whatever you need Karina to do, whoever you need her to be, she’s ready to accommodate you. And she’s going to do it with a smile and a shake of her ample rear end, which is curved in all the right places and a pleasure to hold close.

“One of my better skills,” says Karina, eager to talk herself up, “is that when it comes to seducing a man, I don’t have to use my hands or my voice. We don’t have to talk at all. I can do it all with just my eyes, with just a bedroom stare. It’s a sexy kind of pastime for me. And it is of course harder than you might think. Many man can get turned on when you show off a sexy body to him. If you’re curved in all the right ways and your clothes are appropriately tight and clinging to you, you will get attention. If you chat him up while he’s looking you up and down, that adds another dimension to all the stimuli that are turning him on. Hell, if the two of them actually get their hands on each other, then you’ve got too people touching and fondling, licking and sucking, kissing and enjoying. There’s nothing difficult about getting turned on in a situation like that, not when the girl is as hot as can be. But what if you could do all that with just your eyes, just your look. As if you could fix a man with a seduction ray when you opened your eyes and made eye contact with him?”

It’s a lot harder to turn on a man with just your bedroom eyes, Karina goes on, but it can be done. “Seducing a man and completely getting his attention with your stare, getting across to him all the meaning you’re trying to convey, without words and without physical content, is a real challenge. Say you meet a man and you want to make it clear to him that he could take you home if he wanted. Say also that you’re somewhere like a club where there are plenty of other super sexy women around, women he could choose if he liked them better. Can you hit him with a thousand candle power stare that says you’re smoking hot and you’re also willing? Can you give him the idea correctly, with just your eyes, that’s the king of the world if only he takes you to his bed? With just a look, I can fill a man’s head with the filthiest, naughtiest ideas. I am completely serious. Living the escort lifestyle has given me this ability, and I love every minute of it.”

Karina is a free spirit who doesn’t like to be tied down, but who can be expected to give her extra effort at all times to please her clients. She is a world-class beauty whose body turns heads no matter what room she walks into. She enjoys being the center of attention and also likes it when the men around her are jealous of her date because he happens to be with her. “There’s nothing better for your ego,” she says, “than to have men resentful of the one man who is lucky enough to be on your arm. And because I am an escort, there isn’t a man out there who couldn’t have the chance to go out with me if he really wanted to put forth the effort. I guess that is what makes me feel powerful. Being an escort is all about power. It’s a power relationship in a good way. It gives any man who wants to be with a beautiful and sexy lady the power to fulfill his dreams. I love having that power.”

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