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Jully / 28 / Brunettes


Jully’s incredible hourglass figure gets her noticed whether she’s walking down the street or dancing in a Vegas nightlife spot. She is a bold, daring lady who never gives in to fear and who is always ready for a new adventure. Among Jully’s hobbies are playing video games, running, and taking in movies. She is especially fond of hopeless romance movies, the sadder, the better.

“I hope it doesn’t make me sound too clichéd,” she says, “but to me, it’s not a good romance film if you’re not crying by the end of it. You know, those movies where somebody is always pining away for somebody else, and there’s a good chance one of them is going to be dead by the end of the movie. I love a movie like that. I love a movie that just reduces me to tears over some silly, sentimental notion of love. I know it’s not realistic. But I’m a girl and I enjoy that kind of thing.”

Jully may enjoy silly sentimentality when it comes to romantic movies, but she is completely fearless in most other aspects of her life. In fact, she is known here around the office as being one of the girls who can be counted on to be most adventurous and daring. “I think it’s very important to be brave about confronting the challenges of life,” Jully explains. “I mean, with a name like ‘Jully,’ I’m already facing some interesting challenges just trying to get the right name written down on a cup of coffee when I place my order with the barista. But I think you’ve got to be bold. You have to seize life without fear, no matter what the challenge that might be in front of you. There’s no point in being alive if you can’t do that. My whole life, that’s how I’ve approached it. When I see a goal I want to achieve, I just dive headlong toward it. I won’t ever back down, won’t ever not tell someone what I think. There’s just no reason to be afraid of sharing your own opinion. And I don’t ever want to live like that.”

Jully recalls a friend she had in high school whose life perfectly illustrated what can go wrong if you don’t live your life with boldness. “Back when I was a senior, my friend Sandy used to constantly talk about this boy Ethan that she was so in love with. But Ethan didn’t even know she was alive, and certainly had no idea she was interested. She would write his name down over and over again when she was supposed to be studying, just ‘Ethan, Ethan, Ethan,’ and she was constantly trying to go do school activities with him. But she never just came out and said it. She never admitted to him, ‘Hey, I want you. Do you want me? I think life would be a lot simpler, and a lot better for everybody, if we would all just be more honest about the things we want and why we want them.”

Jully goes on, “I think about Sandy sometimes. She was an incredibly foxy girl. She was attractive. She was smart. So one day I said to Ethan, ‘You know, Sandy really likes you. You should take her out.’ And he was absolutely hilarious. His eyes came right out of his head. He had no idea that she was into him. So of course he immediately fell over himself finding her, and he grabbed her and kissed her right then and there. I think he even got in trouble for it. I think he was supposed to be in class when he did it. I heard they’re still together. Isn’t that amazing?” Jully adds, “Life had a happy ending for Sandy and Ethan. I like to think I helped a little, too. But there are so many people who lead those ‘lives of quiet desperation.’ They never speak up and so they never improve their lives. And I don’t want to live that way. I have no inhibitions. What you see is what you get with me. I’m never phony. Would you like to have me? You should ask.”

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