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Angel is a super sexy little vixen. Angel is no angel. This ultra hottie babe looks and acts exactly the opposite of her name. Escort angel is very naughty and not very nice. A thin and shapely frame encased in smooth, supple and radiant skin. The lights of the Las Vegas strip glow erotically along the crest of the hollows of the nape of her supple neck, illuminated against the silhouette of her smooth touchable shoulders. Escort angel knows just how utterly enticing she is with her full, pouty bottom lip and penetrating, sexy bedroom eyes. This is the Las Vegas escort you want if you just love to play. All she wants to do is play, play, play. And not at the theatre. Angel, is a play girl. A jaunty little sprite, this Las Vegas native knows all about the Las Vegas hot spots, where they are and how to get you there. She is eager to take you there. Her favorite pastimes are drinking, smoking, and clubbing. Dancing and partying the Las Vegas lights and nights away. Angel is your very own naughty girl, party girl, and super sexy Las Vegas escort hottie girl.

Take a trek on the wild side of sin city with escort angel for an exciting, hot and sexy good time. This angel put the original sin in “sin city” . Angel loves to dance, she will get up and dance anywhere. She knows how to do any kind of dance moves. Angel likes to go to the clubs down on industrial road and join in on the action. Angel likes the attention of women as well as men and usually likes to be in the company of one of each.

Angel has a jaunty little saunter designed to make you loosen your collar. And she has practiced a world of sin. She abides by the common philosophy that practice makes perfect. Now that’s a really naughty girl who practices in order to perfect sin.

Angel got her name from her virgin days because it was so easy to make her blush. Then once someone got to that little pocketbook, which happened to be a sexy coed in college, the first time and several times after that, immediately all the blushing changed into a come and get it attitude. Angel became hard to please but very easy to satisfy. That’s why she likes getting down and dirty because it feels so good for her to be such a bad girl. If your are looking for intelligent conversation this is not it. Angel has a one track mind and it is always set on procuring woodies. The only reason angel would have an intelligent conversation with you is if she thought it would turn you on. Otherwise she likes to keep things simple and straight to the point. Get your credit card ready and call the number below to speak to a live representative.