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Jasmin is a sultry stunner who has been described by some very satisfied dates and boyfriends as “high maintenance.” It is a title she doesn’t shy away from. She’s used to firm, round rear end and her sultry good looks getting her lots of attention, and she’s always ready for that and more. She’s also an avid weather watcher who admits that her favorite channel is the weather channel. Given that she lives in Las Vegas, this might seem like an odd choice, but Jasmin admits that it’s a lot like watching people make love: You live vicariously through other people’s experiences.

“I know that sounds silly,” admits Jasmin, “but weather and weather patterns have always fascinated me. Watching photographs of an ice storm after it has happened, when the sky is blue and the sun is out again, and everything is coated in crystalline ice… that’s almost like porn to me. I really enjoy those types of displays. I follow all the big weather watches on the weather channel and I enjoy the live coverage of storms. I even feel a little bit jealous when they stick reporters in rain slickers into the middle of a storm and expect them to report on it. But in reality, I live in Las Vegas, where there’s not likely to be a huge snowstorm any time soon… and I prefer it that way. I don’t need any frozen toes. Bad weather is fun to live vicariously when it’s not really on top of you. I wouldn’t want to experience it myself in person.”

Of being considered “high maintenance” by some of her colleagues, clients, and friends, Jasmin is pretty casual. She certainly does not consider it anything but a compliment. “I don’t get insulted when people tell me I’m someone who needs a lot of maintenance,” she admits. “The way I see it, what is the opposite? A low maintenance person is someone who doesn’t put a lot of thought or effort into who they are or how they look. Is that what you want in a date? Does anybody look at a smoking hot girl in a skintight dress out dancing at a club, with her hair and skin perfect, and think, ‘I bet that girl is low maintenance?’ Of course you don’t. On some level we all know that it takes effort to look good, and to take care of yourself, and to keep up your appearance.”

Jasmin has very specific ideas of how to apply this philosophy of maintenance and effort to her personal life. “We all need to maintain ourselves to the best of our ability,” she says. “It starts with how you dress. I’m not saying you’ve got to bankrupt yourself buying expensive clothes. You’ve just got to take time. Maintenance is time. It’s devotion to getting things just right, not taking the easy, casual way out.”

Jasmin speaks enthusiastically of her time as an escort with Wet Bunny Babes. It is, she says, a lifestyle that is not for everyone, but one that is perfectly matched to her own personality and interests. “I know, I know,” she says, “It sounds crazy to say that this lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Like, ‘boo hoo, young lady, it’s too bad somebody’s asking you to go out for dinner and dancing and drinks every night. Maybe you should get a real job and then complain.’ Well, I know that what I do is unlike most jobs. I know that I’m basically getting paid to have fun, and to show my clients how to have fun. What I get out of this life, though, has to do with the potential part of it. I just don’t enjoy anything more than being introduced to a new client and realizing that a great big red ‘reset’ button has been pushed. For those few moments, when I am meeting the client, we have the entire night ahead of us, and there is endless potential. I’m going to show him a good time. He’s going to get to experience a unique set of conditions that he’s maybe never known before — drama free fun with a beautiful lady who cares about his customer service experience.”

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