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Janet / 28 / Blonde


With a stunning hourglass figure that puts classic pinups to shame, Janet is a blonde bombshell who can blow the doors off anything for two miles with just a wink and a nod. She enjoys playing games in bed and has more than a few sex toys that she uses with herself and with partners. She’s also a highly motivated young woman with some strong opinions about things like beauty standards in our society. Being an attractive young woman herself, in an industry that objectifies beauty and makes it an automatic commodity. Janet speaks candidly about what she thinks about all that, only too aware of the irony that she is giving her interview dressed in a pair of red panties, matching stockings and garter belt, high heels… and absolutely not a stitch of anything else. Her breasts being in full view make the interview difficult to conduct without being distracted as she offers her opinions.

“I know there’s this ongoing debate about whether we’re pushing unrealistic standards of beauty on our little girls,” she says, moving her hands up and down her gorgeously toned stomach. “When we talk about unrealistic beauty standards, though, every time we do, you can almost set your watch to it. Everyone blames the Barbie. It makes me wonder how anyone could think that you would buy a doll that clearly isn’t proportioned like a real person and then somehow feel like you didn’t match up. Barbie dolls really aren’t shaped like people. They’re more like cartoons. If you want proof of that, just look up that one Russian model on the Internet who got all that plastic surgery to actually make her look like a Barbie doll. She looks like a freak! So obviously that’s not normal by any standard.”

Janet explains that it isn’t just Barbie Dolls that could be changing people’s body images. “It’s not just toys,” she goes on. “It’s the twenty-four hour news cycle. Those news shows our kids nothing but stick-figure thin anorexic models with eating disorders. They make girls think they’re not pretty enough or not thin enough, and the Photoshop work that these magazines do, where they make sure that everybody on the cover doesn’t actually look like someone looks in real life. This is what makes our girls think that they’re insufficient. The magazines graft different people’s heads onto different people’s bodies, and for some reason everybody gets upset. And yet the dolls get the blame.”

Janet doesn’t consider herself very political, as such, but it bugs her when she sees the games and toys from her childhood blamed for societal ills unfairly. “Being like a Barbie doll, being a sexy blonde, that’s not a bad thing,” she says. “Not everybody can do it, either, so there’s going to be controversy. I just can’t see trying to put the blame on either a tall blonde woman with a nice rack, or on a doll that is out of proportion to people.”

Laughing, Janet sets the politicking aside and talks about her love of sex toys in the bedroom. She tells us that the games she tends to play in the bedroom run the gamut from naughty to nice and back again. She stays away from anything too strange, she says, and just tries to keep it fun and flirty. “I love a good sex toy in the bedroom,” she says. “And I have to admit that I like them strong and large. Kind of like coffee. I’m not criticizing any men that I’m with. Most men I’ve taken the time to be with were more than happy to get the job done, and had what it took to do so. So I’m sure not criticizing. But teasing myself is something I’m very good at and something I enjoy doing. I like variety. I like to see all the different permutations of pleasure that are out there. That’s a great big hill to climb up, figuratively. Combining the use of toys with other kinds of sex games in the bedroom is especially fulfilling. All that kind of thing just turns me on so badly I can’t stand it. I guess we all have something like that.”

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