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Jacqueline / 28 / Blonde


Jacqueline is a treasure, sure to be a delight. Jacqueline has the looks of a high end aristocrat that is too proper for words, then the things she whispers in your ear are very filthy, completely belying her proper looks. Get your nether parts excited just by feasting your eyes on this flawless beauty. Long, lean and statuesque. She is currently in training as a runway model, and aspires to mainstream super-model status in the future and admittedly has no aversion to sleeping her way to the top. And not just the top either. Jacqueline will sleep herself with someone in any direction and for a lot of good reasons. Jacqueline has a philosophy: if there is a man behind it, it can be gotten with sex. Sex is Jacqueline’s preferred method of accomplishing everything in life. She has a bold, but chic and understated look. Very prim and proper upbringing, except for the older gentleman, a close acquaintance of her father, that was sneaking into her dorm regularly. As a young girl, this experienced more mature gentleman turned the prim and proper Jacqueline into a raving nymphomaniac. Jacqueline became a master at concealing her true, newly discovered nature. Jacqueline went on to graduate finishing school at the top of her class. Without any of her sisters, or headmistress finding out about her secret lover.

Now that the secret is out, Jacqueline still has the prim and proper carriage that was bred into her, but now she is adept at letting you know, in no uncertain terms, what she would like for you, to like doing to her. Jacqueline may look as cool as a polar ice cap, but make no mistake, she is hotter than fire. Her fire is steamy and dreamy like a sweet sip of latte. Jacqueline keeps in shape with yoga and aerobics.

Jacqueline’s signature look is donning a French twist studded with pearls. Decked out wearing a single strand pearl choker, single strand pearl bracelet and pearl studded earrings. Her soft neutral colored lips, are overshadowed by her large smoky eyes and heavy blush on her cheeks. The way she applies her makeup is a clue, if not a dead giveaway, to her loose and wanton ways. Hot breath on the nape of her supple neck, or fingertips trailing across her taut belly, are example of how easy it is to get Jacqueline’s fires stoked. It doesn’t take much, she is always smoldering underneath her prim and proper veneer. Jacqueline loves to talk dirty and is sexually attracted to women. Jacqueline can always be found wearing a skirt because she feels like her treasure is already buried enough by design.

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