Wet Bunny Babes

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Honey / 28 / Blonde


Now presenting Las Vegas escort wet bunny babe honey – honey is more expensive than candy. Taste and see why. Honey is just like her name, sticky sweet. This honey is very, very sexy and all the other men will be looking at her, and wishing they were you. Honey is preferred for extended stays because her gentlemen just can’t seem to get enough of her. Honey’s designer luggage is always packed and ready to spend the night is some foreign and exotic place. And honey’s overnight bag is always ready too. Wet bunny babe honey is the gold standard in Las Vegas escorts and she knows how to handle to new convert as well as the seasoned players.

Honey’s petite, light, small frame is perfect for perching on top of ready, willing and waiting laps. Honey feels very comfortable sticking to you. Each one of her round little cheeks can fit in the palm of your hand. Honey is young and she looks very young. She is very, very attracted to much older gentlemen. And they are very much attracted to her. Honey is naive and genuine, and genuinely affectionate.

Honey is a wet bunny babe of the highest ranking in animal attraction. There is just something about her that makes you want to do something to her. She is definitely a head turner looking just right in her provocative apparel. Honey has a young, dumb little slut look to the way she dresses, and to the way her body looks. She has a small underdeveloped body which makes her look impossibly young. She wears sheer pink lip gloss on a tiny slit of a mouth. Honey wears thick black eyeliner and mascara with lots of rogue on her cheeks. Her hands are so tiny that everything she touches, her little hands make it look bigger. She is small and petite and easy to pick up whisk away off to some kind of Las Vegas studded, fun filled adventure. Honey is always flaunting her tiny, tight little body in super-tight thin, little tops, showing off tiny breasts, pressing against the fabric, looking like little knots just barely bigger than her nipples. The gentlemen love her impossibly short, flair-out skirts, accentuating silky thighs. Her skirts are so short, that it doesn’t look like enough fabric to actually cover anything, yet when you try to peek you can never actually see anything.

Honey is a nighttime Las Vegas escort extraordinaire that fits right in the palm of your hands. Get your credit card ready and call the number below to speak to a live representative. Specify if you want “on the spot” hotel door signature service. If so, then rsvp 24 hours in advance. And remember to have your credit card ready when you call.

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