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Ella / 28 / Blonde


The lovely Ella is a stacked fox who enjoys playing poker in the Vegas casinos. She’s had some experience and been around the block a little bit here at Wet Bunny Babes, and that gives here an advantage when it comes to pleasing clients.

“People accuse me of being a card sharp,” she says. “There are a lot of people who play poker out here, especially since the Texas Holdem craze drove up the profile of the game. I enjoy Blackjack too. Gambling in the casinos here is just something I’m always going to enjoy. I don’t blow a lot of money on it. No more than I can afford to, anyway. And sometimes I even win a little bit. I think if your hobby makes you happy and you can afford to sustain it without losing big, then it’s perfectly okay. That’s how I feel about indulging my poker habit.”

When asked what she enjoys most about poker and Blackjack, Ella explains that while there’s always an element of chance in such games, these are primarily games of skill rather than games of luck. “I enjoy being able to make a difference in the outcome of the game myself. I like being able to pit my skill against the dealer, like in Blackjack, and against the other players, like in poker. But I know not to push too hard. After all, if the games didn’t ultimately favor the house, Vegas would never have been built. This is a city leveraged by the dollars of people who didn’t know how to quit.”

Of the infamous ways that Vegas casinos keep the patrons inside and gambling, Ella is pretty matter-of-fact. “Sure, the casinos manipulate their customers in many ways,” she says. “They make sure there’s plenty of food and free drinks to keep you coming in. They give away free prizes. They make sure there are no windows and no clocks so you won’t notice the passage of time. The free drinks keep your judgment off balance so you’ll spend more. The free stuff keeps you coming back. And even the layout of the slots and which machines pay or don’t pay is all designed for visibility, to bring in and hold customers. But even knowing all that, even being aware of how this is done, I still love to go to the casinos. They’re still fun to me. I guess the moment at which they stop being fun will be the moment I should stop going. But not a minute sooner!”

Ella knows that she has some advantages that some of her less-experienced escort comrades don’t have. “A man really enjoys a woman who knows what she’s doing,” she says. “There’s some real benefit to having been around the block. You can take charge when that’s needed and you can make sure the two of you get where you need to go. The blushing virginal bride thing gets pretty old fast. Sure, innocence is attractive, but I think most men appreciate the type of ‘innocence’ that I have to offer. I can look innocent and fresh and sweet, but once a man gets me warmed up, I can be dirty as hell. Deep down, a man craves a woman who will be able to tell him what he likes. That way he doesn’t have to feel guilty about everything he wants her to do. Because a guy only wants to dirty up an innocent girl so much before his guilt reflex kicks in.”
Ella admits, after some prompting, that it really doesn’t take a lot to get her to come out of her shell. “You would think being naturally shy, that would be different,” she says. “But my natural shyness very rarely is a factor. I love to meet new people, discover new places, and embark on new adventures. A guy who can encourage me to get to know him doesn’t have to encourage me too far. I love those first few minutes of ever first date, when absolutely everything is new. That’s the type of sensation that partying was made to help fulfill. I’ve got a lot of fun ahead of me and I’m ready to take it on.”

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