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Edith / 28 / Brunettes


Seemingly innocent Edith has a perfectly round hind end that makes you think of apples or onions. She is the whole package, whether she is poured into a tiny little cocktail dress or strutting her stuff in heels, a thong, and not much else. She’s one of those girls who just makes you want to wrap your arms around her because the word “cute” does not do her justice. While she may seem innocent, however, she has the experience to blow your mind. She also lives a clothing-optional lifestyle and enjoys yoga and pilates, not to mention other sporting classes.

“I don’t think people understand the clothing optional lifestyle very well,” says Edith who gave us this interview wearing only a pair of stiletto heels and the tiniest of black thong underwear. Her generous breasts are round, full, and firm. and truly a sight to behold. “Living clothing optional isn’t necessarily sexy,” she says. “I mean, it can be. When you’re already super hot and sexy, walking around with your clothes off certainly makes you seem that way too. But there are plenty of people who live clothing optional, and they all have different body types and preferences. For me, I just hate the encumbrance of unnecessary clothes. I hate to have more on than I need to have on. I’m the sort of person who just needs to be as free as possible. I sleep naked. I bike naked. I swim naked. Whenever it’s possible, I strip down to nothing and I do it with no clothes on. And I love to tan out on the beach when I don’t have to wear anything. Something about laying completely naked on the sand turns me on while I’m out there. I know many of the people on that beach are staring, enjoying the site of me with no clothes. And I want them to look. That’s my dirty little secret. I like it when they look at me. I want them to be turned on by my body.”

Finding places to do other clothing optional sports like yoga is sometimes a little bit more difficult. “I used to do nude yoga on the balcony of my apartment,” Edith explains, “but that quickly became a peep show for the neighbors. Now, like I said, I’m kind of an exhibitionist, so I didn’t mind my neighbors stealing looks. In fact, I would go out of my way to pose just so, with my bottom up in the air, or my legs spread apart, so that my watchers could get a great view of my rocking body. But after a while the cops started to get in on the action. I like cops and I didn’t mind visiting with a few, especially the first time one of them stopped by and caught an eyeful. But that got old pretty fast. So I just started working around my schedule and getting in my nude yoga sessions whenever I could, where there was enough room to do so.”

Edith does not mind being called “cute,” although she knows some girls who object to that description. “I think some women want always to be seen as beautiful, or as gorgeous, or as stunning,” she says. “That’s probably ego and insecurity talking. Me, I’ve never minded being called ‘cute.’ A cute girl is special because she can go either way. She can become beautiful or sexy with a few key changes to her demeanor or to her wardrobe. She can become cute or adorable within a specific context. And some guys really like small, cute girls. ‘Spinners,’ we call them sometimes, for reasons I’m not going to go into here. I think it’s a real honor to be considered cute, especially if a man is telling you how much he’d like to hold you close. A guy who thinks you’re adorable gives off a certain vibe. It’s different than the vibe given off by a guy who thinks you’re just dead sexy and who’s thinking about putting it in you. There are subtle differences in the energies given off by someone who is thinking lustful thoughts and someone who is thinking about how adorable you really are.”

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