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Dina / 28 / Blonde


Supple, young, and taut enough that you could bounce a quarter off her sexy stomach, Dina is the picture perfect blonde babe. She does her best to stay fit and active, and this stamina serves her well when she’s out partying. She admits that it isn’t something she can just do. It is something that comes from building up a tolerance to the escort lifestyle over time.

“Having stamina like this, you don’t just come by it easily,” she says. “It isn’t just magically gifted to you. You have to work hard to achieve it. You need to work your body, really put the time in through exercise and conditioning. There’s lots of cardio involved. There’s plenty of practice you have to do. And once you have built up stamina like mine, you can party all night long for a week and manage to do it. This reinforces itself. The more you build yourself up, the more you party, the better you get at partying. And the better you get, the more you can do. It’s the opposite of a ‘vicious cycle.’”

Dina’s party lifestyle comes to her quite naturally because she was a party girl in college before she graduated and became an escort. “When I was still in college,” she says, “I would have those kinds of blowout parties where people were going absolutely insane. Over and over again, I would go to these things. I couldn’t get enough. When I think about all those hot bodies, half naked, moving together under the moving, shifting, swirling lights, the way people stripped down a piece of clothing at a time, the heat of it all… It makes me think about the whole package. The alcohol, the loud music. Inhibitions coming down one at a time. There’s something so powerful about reducing a man to a quivering blob of desire.”

In wine there is truth, so the saying goes, and Dina is pretty frank about that effect on the men she parties with. “When a guy has partied long enough,” she says, “he can’t be deceptive. His inhibitions are completely gone. He’s been drinking, he’s been experiencing pleasure. He’s never going to be more honest than he is at that moment. Most frequently, he’s going to tell you exactly what he desires. That’s why a person who has been partying is so likely to just start blurting out the things that he or she wants. I love it when the thing that my man wants is me. I love it when I’m on the tip of his tongue and I’m all he can think about wanting.”

Dina is an expert in driving men crazy. She’s used to the attention that her body gets her and is happy to encourage that type of behavior. “I love to go to parties where there are lots of single men,” she explains. “If I’m alone, that’s fine. It’s even better if I’m out on a date, though. I like being able to show my client what it’s like to have so many other men jealous of him. When we walk into that room and all eyes are on me, he’s the king. He’s the master of the universe. And I’m the beautiful girl who belongs to him for the time he’s decided to take me out.”

Dina admits that she has a particular affection for one type of underwear over others, and that is thongs. “I don’t like panty lines,” she confesses. “And I’m really proud of the curve of my behind. So of course whenever possible I wear thongs. I think a thong is one of the sexiest things you can wear. Guys love them. When a guy strips you out of your pants and finds you’re wearing a thong, you can see the pleasure in his eyes. It’s like he’s struck gold. I know there was this trashy trend in wearing clothes not so long ago, when you were supposed to walk around with your thong sticking up over the waistband of your low-ride jeans. I didn’t think that was a very good look. I think a good thong should be hidden, then discovered. That way it’s a sexy surprise, a reward.”

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