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Diamond / 28 / Blondes


Diamond has a body so tight she can hardly keep her clothes on. She just can’t help but be sexy. She loves to wear short, tight, easy access dresses, with skimpy matching lingerie underneath. You look at her tiny little dress and you say. “there is room for less?.” When you see her, the jewels she is wearing is covering more of her body than her clothes. Diamond is exactly what her name suggests, she is the sexiest thing you ever saw. A sexy wet bunny babe from back east, she’s got the man skills to back up her looks too. Her philosophy is: it is not enough to just have “it”, but you have to know how to work “it” too. Judge for yourself and see why diamond is wet bunny babes top producer of repeat escorts.

Her hobbies include karate and tae kwon do. An exotic dancer by trade, skill and will, she is starting to lean toward the more intimate approach offered with Las Vegas escorting scene. Diamond says “that there just isn’t enough intimacy in stripping, everything is so distant, so fake.” Ever the stripper at heart, the right music in the right atmosphere, always sets her keen stripper skills into motion. Taking off her clothes is like a reflex to sexy music for her.

Diamond loves gifts and loves to be romanticized. She likes walking hand in hand or with arms interlaced. Diamond exudes sexual energy that is smoking hot. Diamond keeps her body smoking hot by playing tennis, rock climbing and sit-ups. Her smooth chiseled core and curvy waistline are the perfect complement to her long straight mane. Her perky breasts could fit nicely into the palm of your hands, with nipples jutting between your knuckles. Her jeweled fingers and manicured fingernails are dainty and feminine, with the softest hands.

Thick mascara on long black lashes, frame her startling beautiful sapphire eyes. Always wearing the latest trends in fashion and cosmetics, diamond looks absolutely breath taking in her clothes and make-up. Beautiful straight teeth peek from underneath thin pink lips, as a look of sexual mischief dances behind her heavily eye-shadowed lids. Diamond likes to engage in fantasy and role play, especially against the background of the Las Vegas strip. Diamond studied the dramatic arts in college so she knows how to keep you entertained with her intensity. There is never a dull moment when you are with diamond.

Diamond is fun-loving and loves to dance and party. She enjoys the Las Vegas nightlife, casino and club-hopping. She likes the crap tables, black-jack and poker. She sips strawberry margaritas with salt around the rim because her favorite part is licking it off.

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