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Daisy / 28 / Brunettes


Dark-haired Daisy is a lusciously contoured beauty who is best when she’s down on all fours. She loves to dress up in fantasy clothing and she has a killer smile. She’s also a big fan of corsets and push-up bras, which she says make her feel sexy. She also does yoga and several other fitness classes.

“When it comes time to dress up,” she says, there are two things I like. The first is the part where I get dressed up. I like to really take my time. I feel like I’m putting on battle armor for a battle of love that is about to happen. I enjoy corsets and push up bras most of all. I like to strap them on and tighten them up, and really enjoy myself with each individual little buckle and strap. And I like to strap on garter belts and hook up my stockings. I have this go-to move if I want to seduce a man. I will wear my stockings and my garters under my clothes, and then I’ll unhook one. And when I have a man I want to seduce, to get him to make his move, I’ll go to him and tell him that I have this little problem. I can’t seem to get my garter belt hooked back up to my stocking, I will say. So we’ll find a quiet corner and I’ll have him kneel down behind me and I’ll raise my skirt up as I stand in front of him with my rear end toward him. And I’ll ask him, could he please help me out? And then I’ll wait as he uses his hands to hook up my garter. If that’s all he does, great. But it’s even better if he stops to linger over my legs. I like it when he takes a few liberties while he’s down there. He’ll put his hand on my leg, on the inside of my leg, and slide it on up. Maybe he’ll touch me a little. And that’s when I know I have him. I can take him home with me that night and we’re going to have an incredible time, because he’s good to go. He’s down to have me. And I owe it all to my garter belt ‘wardrobe malfunction.’”

“I have to admit that as much as I talk about fantasies,” Daisy goes on, “There are a few fantasies I’ve had that I’ve never quite gotten around to acting out. One of those is a dominatrix fantasy. I think it would be incredible fun to dress up in leather and books and maybe crack a riding crop or a whip a little bit. I like the idea of dominating my date. I like the idea of making him do things. Submission and power games are the most erotic games there are. When you play games like that, when you force someone to voluntarily give up control of themselves to you, that’s a powerfully intimate exchange. It’s very exciting and I wish I could indulge more in it. I find myself wondering just how easy it would be to find a man who would help me act that out.”

When she’s not feeling oversexed, Daisy likes to spend time at the movies. “I like to go the whole route when I visit the movies,” she says. “I’ll buy the overpriced popcorn and the overpriced drink. I’ll go for the previews and I’ll stay for the credits. I play this game with myself where I bet to myself whether there will be a stinger scene after the credits. It doesn’t mean anything to anyone but me. But I like to see major movies once in a while. And if I have a client who would like to take me to see a movie so he does not have to go alone — or because his fantasy has always been to make out with someone sexy and beautiful in the movies — then I am happy to do so, and to see the same movie more than once. All he has to do is pick up the phone and contact Wet Bunny Babes and we can work something out.”

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