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Cristina / 28 / Blonde


Cristina is a buxom stunner who enjoys playing bedroom games and role-playing out different fantasies. She’s also a very active animal lover and a supporter of local arts and theater. She particularly enjoys spending time in hot water, whether that’s in the shower or the hot tub. She loves to slowly strip off her clothes, especially if they’re wet, and toss them casually at whoever is watching her. We think as you look through Christina’s exceptional gallery of photos you’ll agree that she’s at her best when she’s slowly peeling off her clothes. The shot of Cristina in the shower with her shirt on is one of the most popular images we have here at Wet Bunny Babes, and for good reason.

“There’s nothing I like more than to soak in a hot tub,” Cristina says. “I love to use lots of bath soaps and other scented oils. I want the bath experience to be as decadent as possible, you know? And the way the warm water just helps soothe all the aches and pains from my body, while warming up my skin. When I run my hands along my thighs, or I cup my breasts in the bath, I can feel every part of me responding to that warm, wet therapy. The more I get turned on, the more I start to wish I had company.” That’s why, Cristina explains, she enjoys showering with her lovers. “People have plenty of opinions on what is intimate, and the things you can do that show how intimately connected you are to another person. I think taking a shower with someone is just about the most intimate thing you can do. You’re pressed close to each other. You’re huddled under that luxurious stream of hot water. You’re soaping each other up, feeling the contours of each other’s bodies in the soapy water. I’m getting hot just thinking about it. And of course there’s no better place to be dirty and naughty than in the shower, because the dirtier you get, the more you can wash it away… so that you can get dirty once more.”

Cristina is an animal lover who, in her spare time, gives to animal charities. “People aren’t innocent. I still struggle with whether I think people are naturally good or not. But an animal doesn’t know any different. It doesn’t know how to be anything but what it is. Animals are innocent. People have horrible emotions and do things to each other out of hatred. Animals don’t hate. If they are happy and fed and cared for, they are just that. They don’t know more want. If they are mistreated, they react. But they don’t do it from bitterness. They just do it because that’s how they are designed to react. You can treat an animal so horribly that it becomes mean. But it doesn’t know any better and it isn’t making a choice. Only people make choices.”

Cristina enjoys looking for new and different theater and comedy shows in the city, thanks to her love of the arts. “I really enjoy things that are unusual” she admits. “Performance art that is as strange as it gets. I like the idea of pushing the art envelope, of changing the boundaries of what we think of as art and music. I have less respect for artists who just do what everyone who has come before them has done, because they’re not really taking risks. As an escort, I admire someone who lives life on the edge, someone who takes risks. That turns me on. And I know that what I do, this endless party that is being an escort, has certain perks that come with it. One of those is that no matter what part of the day or night it is, no matter where I am, no matter who is around me, I can find a party. I can find a social gathering. I can find something worth doing. I’m so connected to all this entertainment, all this potential. Can you just imagine how exciting that is? I get hot just thinking about it. That makes me want to open my shirt and go get into the shower…”

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