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Cluadia / 28 / Blonde


Stunning Claudia stands almost fully naked on her profile page, her spectacular body bare for all the world to see. She has amazing full breasts and a contoured figure that shows she is every inch a toned and lovely woman. Her smile is dizzying, and promises many wonderful things to be had in her company. When she’s not almost completely naked, Claudia is also striking in a form-fitting dress. Her hair is perfect and her body is mind-blowing. She is a nudist who is happy to bare all when it comes to showing off what she’s got. Claudia also enjoys a good cup of gourmet coffee.

“I have absolutely no shame about my body,” Claudia declares. “I’m very proud of it. Look at me. Look at these curves. When I give myself to a man, I want him to feel like this is his prize. I’m a good girl. I need to establish a connection with a man before I give myself over to him. But once I do, once we have achieved that connection, then I believe in rewarding him totally. There is nothing I like better than to strip off my clothes and stand here, naked, waiting for him, showing off everything I’ve got. Over the years I’ve gotten a bunch of different reactions. Some guys will just stand there and stare for a while. Some guys will immediately move in and grab me and have me. Some guys will hesitate. The ones who hesitate usually do so because they’re briefly trying to decide if this is a serious invitation or just a wardrobe malfunction. Once they figure out that, yes, I’m naked, and yes, I want them to make a move, then they come in for it. And it’s very unusual that they don’t at least grab my behind or put their face in my chest, because, hey, wouldn’t you?”

Claudia admits that her favorite part of every day is peeling off her clothes. “I just feel like clothes are so restrictive,” she says. “They’re restrain so much. When I’m standing in front of my mirror and I’m looking at my body, I can’t imagine why you would ever want to constrict it or cover it up. I like walking around like this, in my absolutely natural state of being. It doesn’t hurt that I’m smoking, drop-dead hot, too. Please don’t think that I say that with any sense of arrogance. I’m not trying to say that I’m better than anyone. I won the genetic lottery. I got this body issued to me, and with a little care and maintenance, it’s easy to keep up my appearance and maintain this fabulous machine.”

When she comes home at the end of the day, Claudia says, she leaves a trail of clothing from the front door to her bedroom. “I wonder sometimes if some day, someone’s going to see that trail of clothes and assume something much more interesting happened. Although I wouldn’t be telling you the truth if I tried to say I had never left a trail of my clothes that had another person’s clothes mixed into it from the front door to the bedroom. I start with my shirt or blouse. I pull that off and throw it aside. Then I take off my bra, and now I’m gloriously topless. The pants or skirt come next. Maybe I’ll leave my panties on for a little while, and maybe I won’t. But once I’m finally naked and free, then I can luxuriate around the house and relax. The only thing that makes this whole process more satisfying is if I have someone to watch me do it and appreciate it for what it is.”

Claudia’s smile has consistently gotten her compliments from her clients and from friends in the area. “I’ve been told I smile pretty nicely,” she says. “I just want everyone to get along. I think there’s a lot of beauty in the world, but true beauty can be hard to come by. We should preserve as much of it as we can. Everyone should be motivated primarily by this same desire. But I could be wrong. I’m not exactly a philosopher. I try though.”

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