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Catherine / 28 / Brunettes


With her full lips, full figure, and luscious form, Catherine is the dark-haired girl of your dreams, with more than enough attitude to spare. She enjoys tantric yoga in her spare time and is also a fan of motorsports. Through it all, though, she’s definitely a Vegas city girl, who knows her way around the city’s eateries and attractions.

“Tantric yoga is one of those things that lots of girls are doing these days,” Catherine says. “Yoga, all by itself, is great for keeping your body flexible and toned, especially when it comes to your core. I took up yoga because I was worried about my long term health and flexibility. When my mother started to get old, I watched her slowly lose the ability to move over time, until she was kind of a shadow of her former self. Well, that’s not for me. I want to stay as flexible as I can so that I can retain my freedom of motion in my older age. The fact that I do the tantric yoga is purely a function of wanting to make the whole thing more interesting. If you could sex up any exercise, wouldn’t you? I almost made the mistake of just taking regular yoga, but tantric yoga turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. I love sex and love being close to people. Tantric yoga was just the right thing for me at the time.”

Catherine admits that her love of motorsports like NASCAR is considered unusual among young ladies in her demographic. “A lot of people make fun of me for it,” she admits, “because it’s just a little odd for someone my age in my part of the country. But I love it. I love to watch racing, any racing of any kind. I have my favorite racers, some of whom I like because they’re good, and some of whom I like because they’re sexy. But mostly I’m just fascinated by powerful machinery. Those massive engines, those cars moving so quickly around the track, with just ordinary human beings behind the controls. There’s a metaphor there, somehow, but I don’t know what it is just yet. I just know that I love watching these machines hurtle around the track.”

Catherine is as comfortable in lingerie as she is a hip-hugging evening dress. “I like to go out to formal places,” she admits. “Not every day, but it’s fun to have a reason to get all dressed up. I’m good with manners and I know how to charm people. I can take any date to any formal location and make him look good. I can class up the joint just by being there and looking good. And any man who takes me out when he goes to meet up with work colleagues or friends has to know that I make him look good.”

Catherine believes that attitude alone will carry the day if you just focus yourself securely. She advocates proper visualization and repetition of your goal statements against any adversity you might face. In other words, to get what you want, you should picture it, repeat to yourself every morning that you are achieving it… and take steps to reinforce that visualized goal with actual goal-directed action. “It sounds like a lot of nonsense,” Catherine says, “but that’s the system that works for me. We all have obstacles stopping us from getting what we want. If you visualize your goals, and at the same time, you take steps to remove obstacles to achieving those goals, you will be able to work past whatever is stopping you from getting what you want. Visualization alone is not enough. It has to be coupled with you actually taking the physical steps that you know you need to take care of. If you don’t do the goal-directed action part, you’re just sitting there visualizing things and trying to attract them to you. That’s that Law of Attraction stuff, which I don’t think works. The only thing that gets you what you want is action taken toward a goal, but visualization helps identify the actions. This is the system I use for positivity and accomplishing goals. It works.”

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