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Carmella / 28 / Brunettes


Uninhibited Carmella is a dark-eyed beauty whose presence is amplified by how tall she is. Curved in all the right places, she can make a man burn with desire just by standing close to him. She’s also particularly fond of dressing up in flirty costumes. Her proximity is not the only asset she has that draws men’s attentions. She knows that there are times when she is out with a man that her man is not exactly looking her square in the face.

“I don’t get offended,” she says, lifting her breasts with her hands. “I mean, look at me. I would be offended if men didn’t notice. And I like my figure. I don’t think I could be an escort if I was self-conscious about what I’ve got to work with. The men I date, they’re looking me up and down, sure. That’s what I’m there for. I want them to. And that’s why I deliberately wear clothes that show off what I’ve got. A sweater that is practically bursting at the seams, a blouse with enough buttons undone so that my boobs are popping up out of it… When I do this, it’s on purpose. I want my body to impress men, and when it does, I like how turned on they get by me. When you know that you have the power to switch on a man’s desire, when you know that a man who is hot and bothered will go out of his way just to look at you, and sneak glances at you when he hopes his wife or girlfriend can’t catch him, you realize just how in charge you are of that relationship. Good things come in sexy packages, especially when they can dress up to show off some cleavage and address any other preferences and fetishes you might have.

“I specialize in dressing up in different character clothing,” she says. “Every man has different fantasies. Maybe he likes naughty schoolgirls, the kind who wear plaid skirts and tight white shirts. Maybe he likes girls who wear tight cutoff shorts. Or maybe he’s into women dressed like cheerleaders. There are so many fantasies. I specialize in getting it right, and giving a man the type of costume fantasy he wants. If he wants a regular evening out on the town, that’s fine too. I’m capable of doing just about anything that will please someone. “

When she’s not dressing up in costumes, Carmella is engaging in more traditional acts of customer service. She always asks her clients what they prefer, and tries to arrange the conditions of their date such that the client is never made to feel uncomfortable. “You can do all kinds of special things for a man,” Carmella admits. “You can jump through hoops, wear a PVC outfit, mount a stripper pole or swing in a hotel room, take him out to a diner and spend all night cuddling with him in a booth… none of these things really matter if that’s not what the client wants. The key to good customer service is always first understanding the customer, and not making any foolish assumptions. Too many people in our industry just assume they know what the client wants. But the only surefire way to know that is to ask him. You have to get to know your client well if you want to treat him right. And that means taking him aside when the date begins and asking some probing questions.”

It is those questions that form the basis of the customer service relationship, Carmella says, and we at Wet Bunny Babes echo her sentiment. “I love this job,” she says. “There is no other position in the world where I can get paid to be pretty, to be attractive, to simply be myself when I’m out with men. And show me another job where you get to meet as many great men as we do at Wet Bunny Babes. If it’s going to be worth doing, it’s worth doing right, and that means asking the right questions before the assignment even starts. Your client is not just your client. He’s also your friend and must be treated with respect.”