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Caprice / 28 / Blonde


Caprice is an athletic, seemingly innocent girl whose pert breasts and cheerful smile make her popular with everyone who takes her out on the town. She is actually very much into astrology, among other hobbies. She’s also a fan of gourmet coffee and likes to watch daytime soap operas when she has the time, but her busy lifestyle often means her shows have to go by the wayside.

“I got into the habit of recording all the shows I liked to watch,” explains Caprice, “and that lasted about a week. I just couldn’t keep up. Life is too short to be bogged down by something as simple as watching television. It’s gotten so most of the shows I like you can watch on the Internet now, and never even have to worry about recording them, but to be honest now that I can do that, I almost never do. I’d rather be out there making my own memories, and having my own experiences that are hotter and sexier than anything you see in a soap opera. Living the escort lifestyle gives me a chance to do that. Each day is a party. Each night is a party again. And I meet so many great, handsome, sexy men, men who really like me and who appreciate how I look and how I can make them feel. How could you not feel freed by that? How could you not think it’s the most fun and sexy job in the world?”

Caprice is very aware that many men think of her as innocent, because she cultivates that look. “Until my clothes start to come off,” she says, “then men realize just how naughty I can be, and that the whole ‘innocent’ thing really just extends to my look. I do enjoy the fact that I look so fresh and young. It’s great to see a body like this looking back at you in the mirror.”

Caprice also enjoys posing for her men. “A man is used to looking at pictures of girls,” she explains. “He sees so many over the course of his adult life, and especially when he’s a young man and seeking out pictures of women that turn him on. When you pose in person for a man, suddenly, he’s got the most interactive centerfold he’ll ever see, and she’s there just for him. It blows his mind to see that. When you start slowly undressing for a man like that, and posing this way and that, he’ll quickly lose his mind watching you..”

Her perceived innocence, Caprice explains, is another method she uses to blow the minds of her dates. She loves being seen as innocent, but of course she is not innocent at all. Being an escort in Vegas has seen to that. “There’s nothing like tricking a man into thinking you’re an innocent wallflower,” she says. “Tricking a man like that isn’t something negative. It’s just a way to surprise him, a way to keep him on his toes. Men like variety and they like a girl who can give them something new once in a while. When a guy gets bored, that’s when a relationship is in danger of ending. A guy wants a girl who’ll keep him guessing. So I do that. And if he thinks I’m innocent and suddenly he realizes he’s got a full on dirty girl on his hands, that’s great. Then I start posing naked for him, maybe bending over the couch and inviting him to help me take off some of my clothes. Who knows where things are going to go from there?”

Caprice points out that if a man wants to get to know her, the best and fastest way to do that is just to let her know what’s on his mind. “I believe in rewarding a man for his bravery,” she says. “If he’s willing to come out and tell me he is into me, that’s good. And if you really want me, if you look at my curves and my breasts and my stomach and my legs and you think, ‘I want this girl,’ well… you just might be able to have her if you speak up.”

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