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Brandy / 28 / Brunette


Brandy is the Las Vegas escort liqueur. Tasty, and lip smacking. Her favorite hobby is enjoying water sports at boulder city. A sumptuous morsel of female fatale to sink your inhibitions into. Wet bunny babe brandy is the perfect complement to a Las Vegas studded, fun filled evening. Her sensuous charms will be poured all over you and all over the town. She will pour herself so into you, she can’t help it, she is brandy. She will give you that warm, tingly sensation as you soak up her smoldering sensual energy. Long shapely legs, meet waist length hair at the junction of a tight bottom that you can bounce a quarter on. A teeny tiny waist is topped with a more than ample bosom.

Wet bunny brandy is cultured and enjoys the finer things. Shopping and gambling are her two favorite sports. She is so fine and silky smooth that you will thoroughly enjoy her, spending your money. She is also known to be good luck at the tables. The Las Vegas escort total experience is gorgeously wrapped in this tight little bundle. Let the smoky, smooth, melodious, sound of her voice beckon you “come hither” from sunset to sunrise. “there is nothing greater than seeing a sunrise after having seen it set” gushes this mellow mannered, cultured beauty. You will see sunrises following sunsets all the time when you take brandy out, because brandy likes to go at it all night.

Brandy studied fashion merchandising at UNLV which gives her impeccable taste in clothing and dress. A quiet stunner, with impeccably coiffured hair and accessories to accentuate. Brandy looks like a model straight of the pages of the latest fashion magazine. Brandy loves long limo rides and luxurious sunbathing pool side. She has a quiet, calm demeanor with a ladylike carriage.

When the nighttime hits, watch out! This wet bunny babe comes out of her cocoon like a butterfly. She will take you to only the ritzy joints in town. Brandy has smoldering magnetic sex appeal coursing through her veins and is really fun to watch on the dance floor. Her impeccable tastes work in the night as well as in the day. Flirty cocktail dresses, highlighting slender thighs, atop long tapered legs ending in 6-inch stiletto heels showcase her impeccable taste in fashion.

Brandy prefers mature gentlemen that know how to accommodate her pampering ways. Wet your palette with a taste of wet bunny babe brandy.

Brandy is also in the lineup for our wet bunny babes “on the spot” hotel door signature service. You must rsvp at least 24 hours before your escort to be eligible for “on the spot” signature service. So have you credit card handy when you call and speak to a live representative.

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