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Bethe / 28 / Brunettes


Bethe is a sleek, sexy, youthful escort who was born into the show business trade right here in Las Vegas. She is very comfortable performing for other people, and that love of being in public has served her well as part of the escort trade. She also enjoys visiting clothing-optional beaches and practices massage therapy.

“Massage therapy is a topic I feel very strongly about,” Bethe explains. “I’m not a professional masseuse, or anything, but I’ve taken some classes, and I know my way around the basics. A good massage has to be powerful to get deep into your tissues in order to help ease away your tension. There is nothing more frustrating than a massage that is not powerful enough. You don’t want to just half-heartedly flail your hands at someone whose muscles are in desperate need of that release. I think there’s an epidemic of stress in the United States. We’ve come to see stress as normal. We live with it in every aspect of our lives. We sit poorly at desks in offices across the country, and this adds to the national load of stress and tension. That’s one of the reasons I’m glad I’m an escort, and not someone who is bound to a desk. I can travel all over the world if I need to do so. But so many people are stuck in high stress environments that just pile on the tension. That’s why I like to be able to use massage therapy. When I go out with a guy, maybe someone I’m interested in romantically, or when I’m with a client, I like to massage him or her and give him some relief from all that stress.”

Bethe is philosophical about stress relief and the escort industry in general. “If you think about it,” she says, “the whole reason escort firms like Wet Bunny Babes exist is because men desperately, desperately need that relief from stress. What soothes your mind better than being in the company of a beautiful woman? All men crave the company of attractive women, and hiring an escort is one way to ensure that you get drama-free, no-strings-attached companionship for the duration of the transaction. For, after all, don’t traditional relationships, wherein people date, usually have with them quite a bit of stress? Women get attached and start trying to improve or change their men. Before the guy knows it, he spends half of his time in the doghouse and the other half of his time waiting to be put in it. He can’t speak his mind in front of his wife for fear that he will never hear the end of it, and he has no desire to introduce into his life any more grief than he already tolerates. Hiring an escort service alleviates all these concerns and gives a man time to relax on his own terms, without worrying about being badgered or nagged. And of course hiring an escort means that our man can immediately sign on to one of the most attractive groups of women from whose pool he will ever date.

If what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, being born to a show business family has made it so that Bethe never shies away from an opportunity to perform for her colleagues and her clients. There is something of a performance when she visits beaches that are clothing optional. “I like being nude,” she says. “I think people don’t understand clothing-optional beaches. They want to make it about sex or something. It isn’t like that. It’s just a place where people can go to be free and natural, unrestrained. That’s what attracts me to the whole scene. I just want to be free and natural whenever possible. But, sure, you do have to have an exhibitionist streak in order to enjoy walking around naked for everyone to see, especially if you look like this. I take it in stride. I’m comfortable with how I look so I don’t have any reservations, but of course you do get some funny reactions from people who can’t handle it. And you tend to make some people feel a little more…stiff… than they might feel comfortable admitting anywhere that is clothing-optional but public, not private.”

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