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Bella / 28 / Blonde


Bella’s gorgeous hips, slim waist, and beautiful face make her both a classic beauty and a modern hottie. She likes to travel, and she spends a lot of time thinking about meeting men. She also has some interesting ideas about what it means to be an escort.

While her taste in men encompasses a lot of variety, Bella does focus on certain types of men. “I want a man who knows how to be a leader,” she says. “I want my man to know what he likes and to go for it to take it. But that doesn’t mean if I met a man who was a little slower on the draw, a man who was less confident, that I would treat him badly. there are lots of men like that, and they’re usually that way because they’ve been kicked around and treated like garbage their whole lives. It wouldn’t be right to judge a man like that based on what has made him. So what I try to do, when dealing with a man who isn’t a natural leader, is give him reasons to be confident. I let him know that I’m there to please him, that he’s got me in his corner. I am going to help him get everything he wants out of our date together. When he’s on my arm, when he’s in the company of a beautiful and sexy woman, he’s being seen with me and he’s impressing his friends and family accordingly. Everybody who sees us is going to be thinking, “Damn. Look at that guy. Look at the arm candy he’s got with him. What has that guy got going on? Helping a man like this, increasing his confidence, always makes me happy. The look on a man’s face when he gets his confidence back… it thrills me to know that I’m responsible for that. I’m also addicted to feeling that way.”

Bella explains that she enjoys being an escort, but the primary reason she enjoys it isn’t so much the reality of the job. “I like going out with new people,” she says, “and getting paid to party. That’s not a bad gig at all. But the reason I like being an escort is really because I have the power in that relationship. I am the person who is at the heart of the service, the escort itself. I have the ability to say yes or no to the interaction. And I am the center of attention when my date and I do go out. Being an escort means being empowered. And it also means pleasure. I go out with a guy, I put on my sexiest, tiniest dress, and we have fun. We party all night long. The dawn comes up and we finally decide to call it a night. That affirms the power that I have in the relationship. And one day, maybe, I’ll take this show on the road. We’ll see.”

Bella goes on, “I’ve always wanted to travel the world, although I haven’t done nearly as much of it as I might like. I’ve been to a few places though. Every time I go, it expands my perspective. It gives me more to go on when I’m making judgments about the world. If you’ve spent your whole life in just one country, all of the things you think about the world beyond your nation’s borders are probably half-truths and misconceptions, created by watching television and absorbing news third-hand. That’s not how I want to do things. I want go out into the world and meet new and exciting people. I hope some of those people include new and handsome men. When I take dates out, either here or abroad, I hope that I can make it clear to my dates that they’re in control. They’re the ones leading the adventure and I’m taking my cues from them. I am focused on customer service, too, so if one of my clients isn’t happy, I’ll make sure to change that as fast as I can. I absolutely have to make my clients happy. I have to please them. If I don’t, I’ve fallen down on the job. I don’t fail.”