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Aylin / 28 / Brunettes


When you look up “nice rack” in the dictionary, a picture of super-sexy Aylin should be staring back at you. Aylin likes to dress in very minimalist or thong clothing under the short skirts and summer dresses that she favors. She has killer curves and she knows that this can be intimidating to men and women alike. She also works hard to take care of herself, regularly playing tennis and other sports. A bisexual woman, Aylin enjoys the company of women as well as men, and she also enjoys doing some of her sports, such as yoga and swimming, in the nude.

“Swimming nude is a particular favorite of mine,” Aylin explains. “Sometimes it is harder than others to find a suitable place to swim in the nude. Whenever I stay at a hotel, with a client or with a friend, with a lover or with someone who I’m visiting on business, I love to use the hotel pool naked. When this is best is when you’re in the hotel pool very late at night. Some hotels have pools that are open all night long, and the ones that do, I like to put on one of my tiny little robes and go down to sit by the pool. I’ll wait there while people come and go. I watch them steal looks at me as I lounge near the pool and pretend not to notice. Then, there is only perhaps one other man, or a young couple, there at the pool, I will strip off all my clothes and go in naked. If there is a man there and I want to tease him and see how he reacts, I will swim up to him and maybe even invite him in. I will tell him that the water is very nice, and he needs to swimming suit to swim with me. In many cases I am giving this man a fantasy he has long had but never been able to have, and that is of a beautiful stranger who comes on to him in a public pool… while wearing nothing at all. I’ve done this a few times and it makes me happy every time. I think we should spend more time in hotel pools and hot tubs in general, as a people.”

Aylin is not troubled by questions about her bisexuality. “I know that there is a male fantasy of watching two women together,” she says, “and I have helped men live out this fantasy before. For me, though, bisexuality is just recognizing how sexy and irresistible a pretty woman is. A handsome man is a handsome man, sure, but none of them are truly irresistible. You can force yourself not to put your hands on their bare chests or to run your fingers through their hair. But some women are so incredibly beautiful, so powerful, so desirable, that you would do anything to possess them, even years after the fact. when I see a woman like that I just want to hold her close in my arms. I want to press my body against hers. And more than anything I want to be able to whisper my hot breath into her ear, and feel her do the same thing to me. A quick tongue in the ear, a hot breath on the mouth, these are incredibly erotic actions. I love to nuzzle a woman’s neck, or lick the hollow of her throat. To say nothing of the things I like to lick and suck on the rest of her body. Women are just far too beautiful to pass up. Who could say no to them? Who would want to?”

Aylin tries not to let it get to her that some men are intimidated by her good looks and thus won’t approach her. “I am not lacking for companionship,” she admits. “Working as an escort, I am able to enjoy the company of many fine men, most of whom are interested only in taking me out and showing me a fun time. I do not have to worry about sitting, unnoticed, at some bar while men refuse to come up to me because they think I am too beautiful.”

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