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Annette / 28 / Blonde


Incredible blonde beauty Annette puts the bomb back in blonde bombshell. Tall, with a luxurious mane of blonde hair and enormous breasts, Annette has been called a sensual Amazon and a sexy Wonder Woman. Only too aware of just how amazing she looks, Annette may come off as a little shy at first while she takes the time to get to know you, but once she starts to open up, you’ll found some amazing things. For one, she is a smoking-hot bisexual who enjoys making love to women as well as to men. When she has successfully opened up to someone, she also likes to give private lap-dance performances, although she has never been a dancer by trade.

“As you can imagine, my being bisexual is a frequent topic of conversation when I’m just opening up to a man,” Annette explains. “That’s only natural. Seeing two beautiful women together is one of those male fantasies that every man seems to have. The forbidden nature of lesbian lust is something that will always turn a man on. Or, more accurately, it has nothing to do with being a lesbian, and everything to do with enjoying the female body. I look in the mirror and I see myself for the sexual being that I am. I like my body. I picture things being done to it. So when I see another beautiful woman, I immediately think about the things we could be doing together. I picture the ways I would touch her, ways that I like to be touched. That is the advantage that a bisexual woman will always have over a man, after all. We can practice on ourselves as much as we like. We can get to know ourselves and what we like to do, sexually, and that apply that to other women. Compared to us, a guy is always operating in the dark. It’s not his fault and he’s certainly no less attractive for it. Men are great and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Being bisexual just means I can have the best of both worlds and enjoy men and women for the different qualities that they offer. Men are hard and strong, and they bring this vibrant energy to lovemaking. Women are soft and sensual, and I can sort of press myself into her and feel her pushing back against me in very familiar ways. That’s what I think about being a bisexual.”
Annette is keenly aware that the way she looks is very intimidating to some women. “It has caused me problems before,” she admits. “When you’re this tall, this blonde, and this well shaped, other women will be jealous. They’ll automatically see you as a threat, someone who can steal their men away. And I have to admit I have been at some parties where I felt like I could have the pick of any man in there, even if he was with someone.”
Annette channels here sexual energy into stripping and doing sexy lap dances for some of her clients. “I’m not a stripper,” she says. “I don’t do that professionally. I’m an escort. But I like to show off for my clients, and I like to grind away above them, show myself off, and get them all hot and bothered. The less clothes I am wearing by the end of a night, the better off I feel, so stripping and dancing on the occasional table is something I will do for fun or as part of my regular client service. It drives men crazy. There is nothing a man likes better than to have a half-naked woman who is there just for him, performing for him alone, and making it clear to him that she has only him in mind. Very few men can resist that pull. That’s why they put ATMs in strip clubs. Because they know that some of those girls can send you running for cash so fast it’s like your wallet is on fire and groin is made of iron. A woman likes to be turned on, and a man likes to be turned on, but I think women are turned on when they are being sexy to others.”

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