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Anissia / 28 / Brunettes


Anissia is a statuesque brunette with a nose for fun and a body that could get a man in quite a bit of trouble. She enjoys wearing lingerie and tight, short skirts. She also enjoys wearing string bikinis. And she sometimes combines her love of skimpy clothing with a love of going to clubs, where she shakes her assets all night long sometimes. Anissia is definitely a party girl with something to prove, and she is one of our most popular ladies.

“The most freeing feeling in the world is dancing when you’re completely naked,” says Anissia. “It feels so good, the air on my skin, feeling my sweat drip down and pour from me. Why would you ever need to get drunk or do drugs when the most incredible high in the world is as close to dancing the night away. Now, I’m not against partying. It’s just that I think dancing is a natural high, and it’s very fulfilling with nothing extra added to your body. You just need your own self and the music. And I love, absolutely love, to see how far I can take it when it comes to dancing in various states of undress.”

There’s more to the story, of course, and Anissia is happy to explain it. “One day,” she says, “I decided to see just how far I could push things. Could I be practically naked in a club and still not get arrested? Could I be the hottest, most nude woman in there? Or would somebody put a stop to it once I started peeling my dress off? First, I needed a super hot night club, so I picked the one I know of that has the best dancing. Then I went into my closet and picked out the skimpiest, tightest dress I could find. Once I started dancing, I started inching my skirt line up, just pulling it up. I had that dress pushed down as far on my chest as I could without starting to climb out of it. And I began pushing the skirt up along my thigh, higher and higher, into the danger zone.”

Anissia goes on, “Everybody was staring now. I was getting cheers from various groups of men in the club. And I wanted more. I wanted to drive them all absolutely crazy. Just how worked up could I get them? I danced and danced, and as I did so, I was just practically stripping myself naked. Finally, I went all the way. I lifted the dress up off my body and threw it into the crowd. Now I was topless, dancing in only a thong, wondering if somebody was going to come pick me up for public indecency.”

Anissia explains that things only got more interesting from there. Soon, as she was dancing in only her thong. several security guards came to meet her on the dance floor. “I thought, okay, this is it. They’re going to haul off the person they think is the crazy, mostly naked drunk girl. It will end up causing me problems. So I put my hands up over my head.” What happened next surprised even Anissia. “One of the security guards planted a kiss on me,” she says, “and the others cheered. Turns out the one had been eying me all night and his friends bet him he wouldn’t have the guts to do it. I really admired that. So the security guards and I partied on that dance floor for hours, and nobody called the cops. I was as completely naked as it was possible to be until that thong finally came off when I took a shower later. And, no, if you’re curious, I wasn’t showering alone. To me, that’s the perfect night out. Whether it’s a night with client or just a night out on my own, I like to do wild things, take it to extremes, and make these memories. You can’t build good memories unless you’re willing to get out there and take risks. Taking risks is the name of the game when you’re about adventure and excitement. Of course it doesn’t hurt to be hot and sexy, too. But you knew that.”

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