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Angela / 28 / Brunettes


Angela is a busty, dark-haired beauty whose perfect body is filled out in every direction. She has a gorgeous round backside and wonderfully large breasts, and she likes to showcase them in lacy lingerie. She has done some traveling, most recently to England. She speaks very positively of her time abroad.

“London was a blast,” says Angela. “I really enjoyed being able to visit another country. They speak English there, of course, so there’s no real language barrier. Sure, it took me a little while to master the accent, especially some of the more urban ones. But while I was there I met this English man who was drop dead sexy, like a modern day James Bond. While I was visiting London he sort of took me under his wing. He showed me around the city, and showed me all the tourist locations. And I did my best to blow his mind when we went out together. I would wear my absolutely tightest clothes when we went walking, and I made sure always to get a little ahead of him so he could watch my butt and see it wiggle without fear that I would catch him at it. I don’t think he knew I wanted him to look. It was so sexy and such a turn on to see him with this incredibly lustful look whenever his eyes fell on me. The whole time that we spent together, seeing the sights and the sounds and the tourist attractions of London, I know he was thinking about what it would be like if we were together physically. That was so much fun. I enjoyed that erotic feeling and I’m looking forward to traveling again, in the hopes of recapturing all of that for myself.”

Angela also admits that she really likes how she looks naked. She spends a lot of time examining herself and how she looks, mostly to reassure herself that everything is where she left it. “I will stand in front of my full length mirror,” she admits, “just be there completely nude, and I will run my hands over my body, exploring every inch of my beautiful self. I like to cup my breasts and then move down across my stomach, down my thighs, to my calves. I like to play with myself, see what my body can do. I explore my own body so that when someone else does it, when we’re getting intimate and someone else is checking me out, I can help them find all my pleasure spots. Everyone’s body is like a roadmap of pleasure spots. It varies from person to person. I have some favorite ones. I like it when my date puts his hands on my hips and his fingers press into the small of my back. I like feeling like I’m about to be bent over the nearest piece of furniture so he can have his way with me. I have no problem acknowledging that fantasy.”

Angela’s love of lingerie fashion drives a lot of what she chooses to wear on any given day. “I like to build my wardrobe from the ground up. In my pictures, you see me wearing very little. But picture some of that lingerie beneath other sexy clothes. I like to paint myself in layers, adding sexiness as I go. I want to do that so that when a man starts working his way through my clothes, getting me undressed, it’s like he’s having a little adventure. And there’s nothing that is more flattering to me than to know that some of my dates, some of my clients, have had such a good time they’ve told stories about me to other people. Can you imagine how sexy that would make you feel, to know that a man enjoyed being out with you so much, was so turned on by being in your presence, that you became this legend that he shared with his friends? You became this beautiful escort that he spent time with when he was in Las Vegas, and oh boy, he can’t wait to go back there. You become this life event to someone. How incredible is that? It’s unique and special.”

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