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Anelise / 28 / Brunettes


She may look like Daddy’s Little Girl, but scandalously hot Anelise is a woman on a mission. She is devoted to non stop partying, while she still has her youth and beauty, and she does not care who knows it. She also likes to show off and be photographed in compromising positions.

“I can find a hot party no matter what day it is, no matter what time it is,” Anelise explains. “If you want to find a place to get down, we can do that. When I took this job, I knew it was going to be one long party, always going out and having fun, being taken out by different clients and shown the town. And the management at Wet Bunny Babes needed to know that I was going to be able to hold up to all that partying. It’s not for everybody! But I can’t think of any other way to live my life. When you truly want to party, you don’t want to hear no. You don’t want to be told to wait. When the mood hits you, you want to be able to give in to that storm. I make it a rule to always get to know the party landscape whenever I’m in a new town. I know Vegas inside and out. If there’s something fun going on, I want to know about it and I want to track it down. And I want to be the girl whose name is synonymous with a party no matter where you go.”

Anelise’s attitude is closely related to her voyeuristic and exhibitionistic tendencies. “There is a difference,” she points out, “between a voyeur and an exhibitionist. I have a little bit of both in me. A voyeur likes to watch other people. An exhibitionist likes to be watched. There’s an element of performance in both. I get turned on when I’m watched. I especially like to have my picture taken when I’m taking my clothes off. I love to model nude, and I love to see pictures of myself naked. It turns me on to have people watching me when I’m stripping down. My body is sexy and beautiful and I like to share it.”

Anelise knows that she’s lucky because she’s yet at the beginning of her career, with her whole life, professionally and romantically, ahead of her. “I’m young and beautiful,” she says. “That’s a statement of fact, not an arrogant declaration. There’s nothing I can’t do, and most of the men I meet are going to want to help me do it, because they’re turned on by how I look, how I sound. It’s hard not to feel like the world is your oyster the day that you realize that. And what is the job I have chosen for myself? It’s this non-stop party. Every day, men take me out and show me a good time. Every day, the hardest thing asked of me is that I be beautiful and fun to be around. Well, what could be better for your self-image or your career?”

Anelise knows that, with her very specific look, she arouses the protective side of the men who date her, and she’s okay with that. “I never mind if a man feels protective of me,” she says. “That’s the natural way, the natural order, of a man. Men are hunter-gatherers and warriors. They exist to conquer and to protect others from being conquered. When a man takes a liking to me, I’m happy to have him stand up for me. It isn’t that I can’t stand up for myself. It’s that I like knowing that he cares enough to do it. When my man sticks his neck out for me like that, when he plays the part of the warrior, it’s a real turn on. A woman likes a man who knows how to be tough for her when it’s appropriate. That’s very primal and goes back to our earliest days as human beings. I couldn’t be with a man who wouldn’t stick up for me if I needed to be defended, because that just says ‘weakness’ to me. Women don’t like weakness. Women respect strength. That’s a universal law.”

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